How To Buy A Car Profitably On Credit

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How To Buy A Car Profitably On Credit
How To Buy A Car Profitably On Credit

Video: How To Buy A Car Profitably On Credit

Video: How To Buy A Car Profitably On Credit
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Choosing a loan program for buying a car is a serious matter. A profitable loan is not only an offer acceptable in percentage terms, it is the most convenient, loyal to the client in case of any problems and a service free of hidden fees and commissions. Therefore, in order not to feel bankrupt one day and not think about how to pay off the bank, follow simple rules.

How to buy a car profitably on credit
How to buy a car profitably on credit


Step 1

First of all, think carefully about whether you need a loan for 3-5 years and refuse it at the slightest doubt. Secondly, think about whether you can handle the loan in the event of a crisis or financial difficulties. Crises and financial problems always happen unexpectedly and do not depend on you in any way. Be sure to have some reserves, including in case the loan turns out to be more expensive than originally anticipated.

Step 2

Do not contact the first bank or the nearest bank, but find out about loan offers through friends and on the Internet and compare them at least at first glance. Do not choose a bank that is far from your place of residence or place of work. It is possible that you will have to visit him more than once during the crediting period. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the bank's working hours and contact numbers. Copy this information into all notebooks, including electronic ones.

Step 3

Refuse offers to use mail services. First, you will overpay for these services from 1.5 to 3%. Secondly, the post office may not work at all with the selected bank or unexpectedly stop cooperating with it. Thirdly, the payment can "travel" within 3-7 days or even be lost.

Step 4

If the desire to take a car on credit is strong, be sure to take it from a bank or download a standard loan agreement from the official website. Be sure to read it several times so you don't miss any nuances. Contact a lawyer (not a loan officer) and ask to clarify all the unclear points and point out the pitfalls.

Step 5

Read all documents referenced by the contract, and first of all the laws. If you wish, go to the bank of your choice and ask the loan officer to explain everything, down to the comma. This service is free and non-binding. Compare the information received from him with information from a lawyer. Be sure to find out how the bank works with those who miss payments. Find out what happens in such cases beyond what is written in the contract.

Step 6

Never take out a loan in foreign currency. By doing this, you not only put yourself in dependence on the exchange rate, but you will constantly waste time when exchanging currency.

Step 7

Before taking out a loan, set aside the monthly payment in a separate account for the next 3-6 months. Experience has shown that this saves 95% of the trouble.