How To Pass Driving In The City

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How To Pass Driving In The City
How To Pass Driving In The City

Video: How To Pass Driving In The City

Video: How To Pass Driving In The City
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The practical test for obtaining a driving license consists of two parts, of which driving in the city is considered more important than the "playground". After all, the license is given not for the ability to get under way and brake, a real driver must prove to the examiner that he is able to become a full participant in traffic on the roads. Just don't be nervous, no one will demand anything supernatural from you in the surrender of the "city".

Start the exam by adjusting the mirrors
Start the exam by adjusting the mirrors


Step 1

Your exam will begin with getting in your car. Adjust the driver's seat, adjust the mirrors, buckle up and check your passengers to see if they are buckled up.

Step 2

Listen to the examiner. As soon as he asks you to go, start the car, inform other drivers with a turn signal that you are going to start moving, make sure that you do not interfere with anyone, and go.

Step 3

If you were admitted to the exam, it means that your instructor thinks that you can ride and are doing it well. Therefore, just drive a car, do not violate traffic rules, observe signs and signals of traffic lights, watch the roadway markings.

Step 4

If you are asked to change lanes, do not be nervous and take your time. Turn on the required turn signal, make sure that you do not interfere, smoothly perform the maneuver. Everything is very simple.

Step 5

Pay attention to pedestrians and crosswalks. Remember, it is better to play it safe a little and show excessive consciousness than not to miss a person crossing the road. You still have nowhere to rush. You drive for quality, not time.

Step 6

If the examiner asks you to “turn right as soon as possible”, do not break into the first lane that comes along, make sure that road signs allow you to make a turn in this place. It may happen that it is at this intersection that you can only move straight. So, look for the next street that you can turn into without breaking the rules.

Step 7

Be calm, show the examiner that you can be released on an independent path. If you haven't heard something, do not hesitate to ask again. Treat the examiner like an ordinary passenger, it will help you not to be so nervous. The calmer and more confident you feel, the faster you will be able to convince the examiner that you are a good driver and that you can be issued a license that allows you to become a full participant in the road traffic.