How To Change The Kingpin For A Gazelle

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How To Change The Kingpin For A Gazelle
How To Change The Kingpin For A Gazelle

Video: How To Change The Kingpin For A Gazelle

Video: How To Change The Kingpin For A Gazelle
Video: How to Replace a Skateboard Truck Kingpin | Tactics 2023, December

The pivot is a hinge rod of the pivot joint of the transport machine parts. To put it simply, this is the steering axis of the car's steering wheel. On the machine, in its original version, it was a very real axle in the form of a hardened metal rod, with which the steering knuckle carrying the hub and wheel was attached to the suspension. For the driving parameters of the car, a parameter such as the tilt angles of the king pin plays a very important role.

How to change the kingpin for a Gazelle
How to change the kingpin for a Gazelle

It is necessary

  • - Reamer with holder;
  • - pivot bushings;
  • - pivots;
  • - sealing rings;
  • - pivot cover gaskets;
  • - gaskets of the journal of the left fist;
  • - seals of semi-axles;
  • - thrust bearing of the king pin;
  • - adjusting washer;
  • - king pin wedge;
  • - angle grease nipple;
  • - cotter pins;
  • - CV joint lubrication;
  • - thread sealant;
  • - VD-40;
  • - carburetor cleaner;
  • - grease for pivots;
  • - device for replacing silent blocks;
  • - a device for replacing wheel bearings;
  • - gas-burner;
  • - locksmith tools;
  • - set of heads;
  • - rolling board.


Step 1

To change the pivot to a Gazelle, take the following tools: a reamer with a holder, pivot bushings, pivots, o-rings, pivot cover gaskets, left knuckle pivot gaskets, axle shaft seals, king pin thrust bearing, adjusting washer, king pin wedge, angular grease nipple, cotter pins, CV joint grease, thread sealant, VD-40, carburetor cleaner, pivot grease.

Step 2

Also take a bushing replacement tool, a wheel bearing replacement tool, a gas burner, a locksmith's tool, a set of heads. When working, it is most convenient to use a rolling board.

Step 3

It is worth noting that in the absence of experience in locksmith work, it is better to stock up on extra oil seals, bushings and a king pin wedge, so as not to waste time in the future. So, drain the oil from the axle, hang the axle, put the stops and remove the wheels. Unscrew the brake caliper, disc. Then unscrew the brake shield and remove the drive assembly with the bearing housing.

Step 4

Remove the steering tip. Unscrew the lower nipple here. Remove the king pin cover and grease valve. Unscrew the plug in the bottom pivot on top. Soak the pins, disassemble the other side in the same way. Press out the king pins, which may need to be heated.

Step 5

Thoroughly clean the removed assemblies from dirt and inspect them. Re-press the bushings, lubricating them on the outside with the CV JOINT. Press the upper sleeve flush with the body, check the visibility of the hole for the grease outlet. Place the sleeves vertically, oiling and cleaning the reamer. The king pin should enter from being pressed with a finger.

Step 6

Clean any chips and inspect the grease coil bore. If necessary, change the seals of the axle shafts, then lubricate the edges with oil.

Step 7

Check the king pin in the trunnion. Collect all threaded joints on the CV joint. View the axial movement of the knuckle. Install the oiler, kingpin cover, lubricate the valve until the grease comes out. Check everything finally and, having lubricated the drive journals with oil, insert the drive. Collect everything in reverse order.