How To Turn On The Front Axle UAZ

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How To Turn On The Front Axle UAZ
How To Turn On The Front Axle UAZ

Imagine a situation: you are driving on an asphalt road, and you need to turn into a country road, where there are numerous bumps and, possibly, even mud. It is impossible to drive on one rear wheel drive. In this case, the front-wheel drive of the car comes to the rescue, but for this it must be used.

How to turn on the front axle UAZ
How to turn on the front axle UAZ


Step 1

To do this, first stop the car. Then check if the front wheel quick engagement clutches are working. If they are not included, turn them fully clockwise. Then move the rightmost lever forward. By these actions, you made the front wheels drive, which means that they will rotate along with the rear ones.

Step 2

You drive on and enjoy the UAZ's cross-country ability, but the country road gets worse and worse. The engine starts to work hard and tighten even in first gear. The car cannot handle the load and stalls. To keep the machine running smoothly and easily, you need to stop again. Then pull the middle lever back. With this action, you have included a downshift in the transfer case. In addition, in low mode, you will have all the same four gears. This means that with a low gear engaged on the very road where you were driving in first and the engine was tightened, you can freely go in second, third, and even fourth gear.

Step 3

So you drove through a difficult section of the road and entered the highway, and the car starts to growl at low speed, even in fourth gear. This is due to the fact that there is a lowered stage in the transfer case. To avoid this, shift the transfer case to a higher gear. To do this, move the middle lever forward until it stops.

Step 4

In addition, it would be better for you to turn off the front axle, since when both axles are on, the car consumes 1 - 1.5 liters of gasoline more. To do this, move the right lever to the rear position. For a more comfortable ride, you can also disable the quick engagement clutches. It also helps to reduce fuel consumption and driving noise.