10 Tips On How To Buy A Used Car From Your Hands

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10 Tips On How To Buy A Used Car From Your Hands
10 Tips On How To Buy A Used Car From Your Hands

Video: 10 Tips On How To Buy A Used Car From Your Hands

Video: 10 Tips On How To Buy A Used Car From Your Hands
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When buying a car, you may be faced with the fact that the sellers are trying to cheat and sell you junk for a lot of money. Therefore, you need to know which parts of the car to pay attention to, how to recognize that the car was in an accident, and what questions to ask the seller.

Old car
Old car

Buying a car is a very responsible and costly process. Therefore, it should be taken seriously. Not all car enthusiasts know enough about cars to make a purchase without fear of running into unscrupulous sellers. We will analyze what you should pay attention to when buying a car, how to properly inspect it and what questions to ask the seller.

What should you do when buying a used car handheld?

1. Do not buy a car from car markets and dealers

There are no good cars in the car markets, and if there are, then you will not get it. There are sold the so-called "drowned", cars after accidents, something like putty and tinted.

Car markets and resellers do not care about the safety of people who buy cars from them. Wrecked cars are reanimated in a hurry and try to sell as soon as possible. The car may be in disrepair, but it looks good on the outside.

When buying a car in such places, you can be sure that no one cares about your safety and whether the car will break down under you while driving.

2. Do not buy a car that has more than three owners

If the car is often sold, then there are many problems. Nobody will get rid of a good car.

3. Inspect the car during the daytime and outdoors

You need to pay attention to whether the car was recently painted, which elements differ from each other in shade, which means they were painted at different times. All this you will not be able to see under artificial lighting.

4. Check the elements for putty

Use a special device - a thickness gauge or a small magnet. The device will show the thickness of the paint layer, it should be approximately the same throughout the machine.

If you use a magnet, it should stick to the bodywork. It will not magnetize if there is putty under the paint layer.

5. Thoroughly inspect the body for corrosion

Take the time and take the time to thoroughly inspect the body. Examine arches, gaps, any places where rust can lurk. If "mushrooms" have gone on the body, then he will not have long to live, and it is better not to take such a car.

Ask the owner if his car was parked in the garage or outdoors. Of course, it is better to choose a car that has been protected from rain and snow in a cozy garage.

6. Inspect the underside of the vehicle and tap it

Ask to jack the car. In this case, nothing should crunch. If the owner refuses you, he is clearly hiding something. If the sills and bottom are strong, there shouldn't be any problems.

7. Check the documents for the car on the website of the traffic police and in the Autotek

Title must be original. If it is not original, then you will immediately see a large “DUPLICATE” mark.

Duplicate PTS is very suspicious. It is issued if the car was resold so often that there was no space left on the original, or if the original was lost. But losing the title is very difficult, because no one carries it with them, but leave it at home.

If you are provided with a duplicate PTS, it is better not to risk it and refuse such a purchase.

8. Take a ride

Hear how the car sounds. Nothing should rattle, there should be no excessive vibration and extraneous noise, pay attention to sound insulation. Even if you are not very well versed in cars, you will hear extraneous knocks or whistles in any case.

The car should start easily, without jerking, the revs should not jump.

9. Pay attention to the width of the gaps

The gaps should be the same everywhere. If the width of the gaps is different throughout the car, it means that some of the elements were replaced, therefore, the car was in an accident.

10. Take the advice of a friend who knows about cars, or pay for an employee to help you choose a car

If you are not confident in your abilities, you doubt that you can find out all the important questions on your own and not forget anything, it is better to use the help of a knowledgeable person.

You will spend several thousand, but it is guaranteed that you will not buy a car, and then you will have to pay more than a dozen thousand rubles to repair it.

Separately, it is worth discussing which elements of the car should be paid special attention to:

1. Steering wheel

Examine the steering wheel cover. If the braid is old and worn out, and the mileage of the car is small, then the mileage has been twisted.

2. Tires

Take a close look at your tire treads. If the tread on the tires is worn unevenly, then the geometry of the body is broken, therefore, the car was in an accident.

3. Glass

All glasses must be of the same year of manufacture and wear the same. Of course, the windshield could change due to a stone hit, but by examining the glass, you can notice this and ask the owner the appropriate questions.

4. Compartment for storage of a spare wheel

Car buyers often ignore this point, but it's very important. Raising the spare tire, you can find under it not only rust, but also whole holes in the body.

5. Mileage

It is advisable to buy a car with low mileage. But even a very small mileage should alert you. Most likely, he was twisted. Focus on the year of manufacture of the car.


There can be a lot of nuances when buying a car, but the most important thing is to behave confidently and not be afraid to ask the seller uncomfortable questions. By carefully examining the body and engine of the car, studying the documents and listening to how the car works, you can determine its condition and understand whether you want to make this purchase.