How To Buy A Car From Hands

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How To Buy A Car From Hands
How To Buy A Car From Hands

Video: How To Buy A Car From Hands

Video: How To Buy A Car From Hands
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Used cars in our country are in great demand. Now you can very profitably buy a not quite old car. But at the same time, the danger remains that an unscrupulous seller may be caught, for whom the main thing is to get as much profit as possible. In such a case, you need to know the parameters by which you can determine whether the car is worth the amount requested for it or not.

How to buy a car from hands
How to buy a car from hands


Step 1

The low price of a car is the first reason to think. Since the car can be stolen, or restored after an accident. To make sure that this is not the case, you must carefully check all the documents, check the body and engine numbers from the OB vehicle with those stamped on the car.

Step 2

Technically speaking, one of the most important factors in buying a used car is the condition of the bodywork. Pay particular attention to the underside of the car. If it is completely rotten, then it is better not to take such a car. Corrosion removal and welding is very expensive. Unlike a rotten underbody, rust on the fenders and sills of an old car isn't all that deadly.

Step 3

After inspecting the body, the suspension must be checked. When driving on uneven roads, nothing should knock or creak. Undercarriage repair is also an expensive operation. Suspension malfunction can be indicated by the condition of the front tires. If they are erased unevenly and asymmetrically, this indicates that the body is strongly deformed, and the wheel alignment on the car will no longer be possible.

Step 4

Checking the interior and dashboard. Many people forget that the mileage of the car should be judged not only by the meter readings, but also by the general condition of the car. However, the counter is also worth taking a look at. On average, the resource of a car engine is 150-200 thousand kilometers. After this value, the engine must be overhauled. The very same car interior must meet the individual needs of the buyer.

Step 5

It is also worth checking all the hydraulic systems of the vehicle for leaks. Cooling system, brake system, lubrication system, fuel supply system - all pipes and hoses of these systems must be absolutely dry.

Step 6

It is also necessary to check the presence of a jack, a cylinder wrench and a spare wheel in the car - all this should be included in the price of the car, and not bought separately.