How To Buy A Used Car From Hands

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How To Buy A Used Car From Hands
How To Buy A Used Car From Hands

Video: How To Buy A Used Car From Hands

Video: How To Buy A Used Car From Hands
Video: How To Buy a Used Car - tips and advice from Top Gear's Steve Berry 2023, December

Buying a used car is like a lottery. You can win a lot, or you can lose money and get a headache for a long time. But the market for used cars is still in great demand, because only there you can buy a car without queues and imposing additional services. You just need to carefully consider the choice of the seller and thoroughly check the transport itself.

How to buy a used car from hands
How to buy a used car from hands

It is necessary

  • - passport;
  • - driver's license.


Step 1

Think about how you want to buy a used car. There are several options for finding such a car. You can contact car dealerships that specialize in the sale of used cars. In this case, you can order the purchase of a car on the same day: there is no need to wait for the owner to remove the vehicle from the register. All cars have already been removed from the register, checked against the database stolen from the traffic police. There you can immediately issue a CTP policy and receive all documents for submission to the traffic police.

Step 2

By contacting a salon that accepts cars according to the trade-in system, you will also receive an opinion on the technical condition of the car, made by the specialists of the technical center. The car can undergo pre-sale preparation with oil and consumables change. But the cost of such a car will be slightly higher than the market value. But in this case, it makes sense to overpay for a quality guarantee. Plus, you will purchase a car from a legal entity. This means that you will be able to make a claim if significant shortcomings are discovered immediately after the purchase.

Step 3

If you are looking for a cheaper car, contact private sellers. But a private seller can turn out to be an ordinary reseller, especially if the car is sold at the car market. It is good if the seller is also a “ferryman” of the car (there are customs documents for this), if we are talking about foreign cars. Then you can get complete information about the car and the place of purchase. The "classic" reseller can be calculated by the TCP. The name of the former owner will be indicated there. The seller also has the opportunity to register the sale and purchase without registering the car for himself.

Step 4

Be sure to punch the car you like on the database of wanted cars. Do it yourself, do not use the services of the so-called "your people in the traffic police", which the seller will offer you. Contact any stationary traffic police post and for a fee they will check the car's vin code against the database. By the way, another good way to check the car can be considered to be jointly deregistered with the owner of the car. This way you can personally make sure that everything is in order with the machine.

Step 5

If you have any doubts about the technical condition of the car, you have the right to ask the seller to carry out a technical inspection of the car by a specialist at your expense. But the owner of the car also has the right to refuse you this. You can come for an inspection with a familiar locksmith, no one can forbid you. But for a more serious check, special equipment will be required.