How To Buy A Used Car

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How To Buy A Used Car
How To Buy A Used Car

Video: How To Buy A Used Car

Video: How To Buy A Used Car
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Buying a used car is always more difficult than buying a new one. It is best to choose a used car with a specialist. If you yourself are looking for a car, then you should pay attention to some important points.

How to buy a used car
How to buy a used car


Step 1

Today there are many ways to buy a used car. You can go to the car market, which is in any city. However, the risk of buying a car in such markets is very high. Firstly, you make a purchase and sale transaction directly with the seller, and there is no guarantee that all documents for the car will be real. Secondly, according to the documents, the condition and equipment of the car itself may not correspond to the actual ones. Thirdly, you will deal with the collection and execution of all the necessary documents for registering a vehicle on your own. You, of course, can not draw up a car sale and purchase transaction, but simply issue a general power of attorney, but there are also disadvantages here. The previous owner can revoke this power of attorney at any time, then you will lose not only the car (in which you may have invested a lot of money at that time), but also the money that was paid for it.

Step 2

The second option for buying a used car is the Internet. Today, this is perhaps the most common way to buy and sell cars. Firstly, it saves a lot of time (no need to run and search), and secondly, you can find yourself a car not only in your city, but also in another region. However, the risk of buying a used car in this way is also very high.

Step 3

To protect yourself from various risks, it is better to purchase a used car in specialized car dealerships that accept used cars from citizens on a commission, and then sell them with a certain percentage of profit. Having bought a car in such a salon, you can be sure that all the documentation for the car will be in order, and the equipment and condition will correspond to the valid ones. If the car was imported from abroad, then you can also be sure that the car dealership will provide you with all the necessary documents from customs for the subsequent registration of the car with the traffic police.

Step 4

Having decided on the brand of car you need and having found such a car, first of all check the correspondence of documents and numbers on the units. It is advisable to check whether the owner has a service book.

Step 5

After checking the availability and accuracy of the documents, proceed to inspect the body. To do this, stand along the line first of one, then the other side of the car and make sure that the car has no flaws. Do the same for the roof and hood. The presence of defects indicates that the vehicle has been in an accident.

Step 6

Check how all the doors of the car close - they should close the same way. Then proceed to inspect the body for corrosion or putty. To do this, you can use a magnet - if it does not hold well in some places - this is a clear sign of corrosion or putty.

Step 7

Use a screwdriver to slightly lift the rubber seals near the windows and trunk - there should be no color difference or any traces of paint on the rubber parts. Raise the bonnet and inspect the side members for bent marks or chipped paint, indicating an impact. However, compare the paint under the hood and outside the car - it should match.

Step 8

You can partially check the quality of the suspension condition by driving a car on a road with a poor-quality surface - extraneous noise in the suspension and crackling indicate its shortcomings. Also, make sure that the car does not "pull" to the side: this may indicate a violation of the suspension geometry.

Step 9

The engine should start well, run quietly, without popping. Check the presence and quality of engine oil. Gears should be shifted easily, effortlessly.

Step 10

Of course, check the engine, suspension and brakes in the service, leaving this matter to experienced specialists. The correct expert opinion on the condition of the car will help you to successfully buy a used car.