How To Remove The Speed Limiter On A Scooter

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How To Remove The Speed Limiter On A Scooter
How To Remove The Speed Limiter On A Scooter

Modern scooters are equipped with quite powerful engines capable of giving the device a maximum speed of up to 80 km / h. But in order to comply with the conditions of the legislation, manufacturers artificially limit the speed at the level of 50 km / h. To remove these artificial limitations, basic knowledge and skills in the field of construction and repair of a scooter are enough.

How to remove the speed limiter on a scooter
How to remove the speed limiter on a scooter


Step 1

Most often, the maximum speed is limited by installing a washer between the variator cheeks. This washer prevents the variator belt from going out to the outer radius. Sometimes, instead of a washer, a special plate is installed on the side of the weights installation. To remove the washer or plate, remove the cover and clutch impeller. The washer is removed easily enough. To remove the plate, it is required to dismantle and completely disassemble the variator. Simultaneously with this procedure, inspect the condition of the weights and the variator belt. Replace worn ones. In the absence of a washer or plate, their role can be played by the protrusion on the bushing. Install a new bushing without the protrusion, or grind off the protrusion and then sand the surface.

Step 2

Stoppers installed in the exhaust pipes are tapered or branch-shaped, which reduces the flow of the exhaust system. Remove this delimiter. When removing the appendix, further sealing of the hole is required. In this case, the use of electric welding is undesirable. Often two limiters are installed in the scooter's exhaust system. To locate and remove the second restrictor, disassemble the exhaust system.

Step 3

The carburetor speed limiter in the form of a special gasket does not allow the throttle to fully rise. To remove this restrictor, remove the carburetor cover. There is a variant of installing a damper valve in the float chamber, which limits the flow of fuel into the chamber. When removing it, knowledge of the carburetor device will be required so as not to remove anything superfluous.

Step 4

An electronic limiter installed in the switch. Remove by biting the blue wire. It is difficult to remove it in Japanese technique. It is much easier to install a tuning sports switch without a limiter.

Step 5

Custom limiters. First, there are bushings on the air filter that restrict air flow. They need to be removed. Secondly, the CPG outlet half closed. Removal of this limiter is possible by completely disassembling the engine and boring the window. This is a complex undertaking in which the means do not justify the ends.