How To Change A VAZ Fuel Filter

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How To Change A VAZ Fuel Filter
How To Change A VAZ Fuel Filter

Video: How To Change A VAZ Fuel Filter

Video: How To Change A VAZ Fuel Filter
Video: Replacement of the fuel filter Chevrolet Aveo 2023, December

The frequency of replacing the fuel filter in vehicles with injection engines directly depends on the quality of the fuel being filled. If the gasoline you buy at the gas station is of satisfactory quality, then the filter can serve for a rather long time (50,000 - 60,000 km of run). But if the motorist is unlucky when refueling, then the filter will clog up much earlier, it is possible that after driving several thousand kilometers it will need to be replaced.

How to change a VAZ fuel filter
How to change a VAZ fuel filter

It is necessary

a 10 mm spanner


Step 1

The first signal about the upcoming replacement of the fine fuel filter is the appearance of interruptions in the operation of the engine when the car is moving at high speed.

Step 2

Without waiting for the moment when the car will stop starting altogether, we place it on the inspection hole and find the fuel filter below, in the area where the fuel tank is located.

Step 3

The first thing to do is to relieve the pressure in the fuel line.

Step 4

Then two tubes are disconnected from the filter, which are fixed on its tips using nuts or automatic clamps.

Step 5

Taking the tubes aside, a 10 mm wrench is used to unscrew the bolt that tightens the clamp, with which the filter is attached to the bracket on the car body from below.

Step 6

The clogged filter released from the attachment is replaced with a new one. Then the clamping clamp is tightened with a bolt and the fuel pipes are connected to the filter.

Step 7

After starting the engine and checking the tightness of the fuel line connections, the car is ready for further operation.