How To Replace Antifreeze In Niva

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How To Replace Antifreeze In Niva
How To Replace Antifreeze In Niva

Video: How To Replace Antifreeze In Niva

Video: How To Replace Antifreeze In Niva
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It is recommended to pay attention to the condition of the antifreeze every six months. It happens that the coolant does not correspond to the required density and needs to be replaced. In addition, if the antifreeze has changed color, it is also necessary to replace it.

How to replace antifreeze in Niva
How to replace antifreeze in Niva

It is necessary

  • - 8-10 liters of antifreeze;
  • - key "13";
  • - a container with a capacity of 10 liters;
  • - plastic bottle;
  • - hose.


Step 1

Find the radiator heater tap and open it by moving the handle to the right until it stops

Step 2

Under the hood, remove the expansion tank cap and the radiator filler cap

Step 3

Cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle to create a deep watering can. Put one end of the hose on the neck of the watering can, and lower the other into the container. There is a drain plug in the lower left corner of the radiator. Substituting the watering can, unscrew it and drain the antifreeze

Step 4

Unfasten the expansion tank mounting strap and, lifting it, drain the remaining liquid through the radiator. Replace the drain plug on the radiator and replace the reservoir.

Step 5

On the engine block, below the spark plug of the fourth cylinder, find the "13" turnkey brass plug. Place a watering can under it, unscrew and drain the remaining coolant from the cylinder block. Then screw on the plug and tighten it with a wrench

Step 6

Start filling the cooling system by pouring antifreeze into the radiator. Make sure that the liquid level is established between the lower and upper marks. Pour antifreeze into the expansion tank. The liquid should overflow into the radiator neck. Periodically squeeze the radiator hoses with your fingers to fill the system without air pockets. Screw on the cap of the reservoir and radiator

Step 7

Start the engine and let it warm up. Turn on the heater, warm air should flow through it. After the second cooling circle opens, the antifreeze will suddenly fall into the system. Stop the engine and top up the expansion tank up to the upper mark.