How To Buy A Car In Lithuania

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How To Buy A Car In Lithuania
How To Buy A Car In Lithuania

Video: How To Buy A Car In Lithuania

Video: How To Buy A Car In Lithuania
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Buying a car in Lithuania saves 1000-2000 euros, compared to buying a similar car in the European part of Russia. Before going to Lithuania for a car, study the ads on auto sites, choosing more or less suitable cars. Look among your acquaintances and their friends for those who drive cars from Lithuania, and ask them to take them with you to the company.

How to buy a car in Lithuania
How to buy a car in Lithuania


Step 1

Apply for a visa. The list of required documents can be found on the link. Apply for a single entry visa for 5 days. Obtaining a visa will take 10 days. If there is no certificate from the bank about the availability of money in the account, buy 200 Euro checks at any bank (confirmation of the solvency of those who enter). Purchase insurance directly at the embassy. In the questionnaire, in the column about the purpose of the visit, write directly "buying a car". In addition, the questionnaire will have to indicate the place of stopping in Lithuania (indicate the address of the hotel). Remember that the embassy pre-register for the submission of documents.

Step 2

A day or two before departure, write out the data of the cars you like from the Internet. In this case, keep in mind that instead of the year of issue, the year of the first registration may be indicated. In other words, the car may be a year older, which means more expensive customs clearance. Call the most interesting options. Cars of interest may be in different cities, so take an assistant with you. If you go by your car, take a stock of food, shoes and socks (just in case), a pump, an emergency sign, a jack, a cable and a set of tools.

Step 3

When approaching the border, purchase insurance ("green card"). No power of attorney is required for the car. At customs, declare your money scrupulously to avoid troubles when checking. Fill a full tank before the border. Immediately after the border, exchange travel money for litas. Hand over the rest of the currency upon your return. If you are traveling with a company, change all the money at the same time to save on commissions. Take care of purchasing a SIM card with a Lithuanian number.

Step 4

First of all, go to the city of Tuarege. According to the experience of dealers, there is a very high probability of finding a quality car for reasonable money. While driving, do not violate traffic rules and speed limits, be sure to fasten your seat belts - the fines are very high.

Step 5

Tuareg has eight large parking lots with a wide variety of cars. All of them are closed, the price and the seller's phone number are indicated on the windshield. If you like the car, call. All car sellers speak Russian. Ask in advance about all defects to save your time and the seller's time. Find out the extreme price below which bargaining is impossible. Pay attention to the tinted glass and the year of manufacture. Replacing heavily tinted windows will negate all purchase savings. Non-tinted glass must be marked AS2. The year of release has already been mentioned above.

Step 6

If you don't like anything, walk around the car transporters and call the pre-written announcements. If you want to buy a rare model, tune in to a long search all over Lithuania or go to the big car market in Kaunas. If you fail in one day, spend the night at the hotel.

Step 7

The car you like on the auto transporter can be inspected only visually. For a more detailed inspection, you will have to pay a deposit of 100-200 euros, which will not be returned if you cancel the purchase. Before posting a deposit, carefully study the documents. It happens that an auto transporter gets a car that has been in Lithuania for more than a year.

Step 8

When buying, confidently offer the owner to take on the costs of paperwork. A respectable seller will not agree to this, but will offer to divide the costs in half. If the car was found only in the evening and you have to register it in the morning, ask for a discount on your accommodation. Before registration, you will have to pay a deposit of 100-200 euros. Registration will take 2-3 hours. Give the seller a photocopy of your passport, on which you yourself write in Latin letters the address of registration and the customs point through which you will leave. According to the laws of Lithuania, you can leave the country only through the point that is indicated in the documents for the car. Be sure to save the seller's phone number.

Step 9

Returning home, stop near a large hypermarket to buy the necessary accessories, food, household chemicals. Their prices in Lithuania are much lower than in Russia. When passing through customs, imaginary problems with documents may arise. Customs officers will ask you to leave the car in the sump and complete the documents. In this case, 1-2 bottles of good vodka donated to customs officers often help. At the Russian border, purchase insurance, fill out a declaration and indicate all the remaining money (including those that are intended for customs clearance). Please declare the purchased spare parts separately. They must be designed for the car you are driving, otherwise it will be difficult to prove that they are for personal use.