How To Get Category E

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How To Get Category E
How To Get Category E

Video: How To Get Category E

Video: How To Get Category E
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From January 1, category E as a separate category ceased to exist. There are three new categories BE for light vehicles with trailers, CE for trucks with trailers and DE for articulated buses. Obviously, the latter category is in demand only in large bus fleets in large cities.

How to get category E
How to get category E


Step 1

To obtain the CE and BE categories, have a driving experience of at least one year in categories C and B, respectively. There is no need to confirm the length of service to complete the training. But when passing the qualifying exams, the traffic police will require confirmation. Supporting documents can be either an extract from the work book, certified by the seal of the organization, or documents for a personal car.

Step 2

To obtain the BE and CE categories, you must also be at least 21 years of age. Again, you can complete training before reaching the specified number of years, and pass the exam and open a category immediately after reaching the 21st birthday.

Step 3

Complete training in a specialized automotive school for the desired category. When choosing a driving school, be guided not by the cheapness of training, but by the percentage of graduates who pass exams the first time, to the production base of the school: the availability of simulators and qualified instructors, modern equipped cars with a trailer, our own race track

Step 4

Before qualifying exams at the traffic police, collect the following package of documents: an identity document (passport), a medical certificate of the established form with a copy, a receipt for payment of the state duty. You also need a personal driver card, a certificate of completion of training courses for drivers of vehicles of the CE or BE category, documents confirming the driving experience of vehicles of the corresponding category for at least 1 year.

Step 5

There is no theoretical examination for obtaining the CE and BE categories. The practical examination is carried out in two stages. The first stage - on a site closed for the movement of other vehicles or an autodrome. It consists in checking the correctness of the exercises "positioning to the platform with the backboard" and "rectilinear movement in reverse". The second is on a test route in real traffic conditions.

Step 6

If the exam is not passed, the traffic police will inform the reasons for not passing in writing. Take the second exam on time, no earlier than 7 days from the date of the previous exam.