How To Get A Category D License

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How To Get A Category D License
How To Get A Category D License

Video: How To Get A Category D License

Video: How To Get A Category D License
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If you want to become a bus driver, you need to have a category D license. But getting them is not so easy. To do this, you will have to make a lot of effort - visit a driving school for two months, learn the rules of the road and, of course, master the techniques of driving a bus.

How to get a category D license
How to get a category D license

It is necessary

  • - category B rights;
  • - 3 years of experience in driving vehicles;
  • - funds for training in a driving school;
  • - medical book.


Step 1

Head to the driving school. In order to obtain a category D license, you must have a document confirming the fact that you have been driving a car for 3 years (technical passport, protocols, category B license). And also 30-40 thousand rubles for training. You will have 2, 5 months of hard preparation for the exam. During this time, you will need to attend 24 theoretical and 14 practical sessions. Most driving schools provide a LAZ car for practical training.

Step 2

Take the practice very seriously, especially if you've never taken a bus before. Bus driving is much more difficult than it sounds. When the course is completed, an exam awaits you.

Step 3

Take the exam. Before the exam, you will be asked to present a medical book, passport (without them, you will not be allowed to take the test). The exam is essentially the same as for category B. Part 1 of the exam - tests on a computer (theory), part 2 - exercises at the circuit (playground), part 3 - city driving (practice). The last part of the exam seems to be the most difficult, because the maneuverability of the LAZ is very, very low.

Step 4

After successfully passing the exam, go to the driving school with your old driving license. You will be photographed and given a Category D license.