How To Choose A Car Number

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How To Choose A Car Number
How To Choose A Car Number

Video: How To Choose A Car Number

Video: How To Choose A Car Number
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If you can choose a number for your car, why not take advantage of it? After all, the numerological meaning of the numbers that will be included in the number of your car can tell a lot about the owner himself and about his vehicle.

How to choose a car number
How to choose a car number


Step 1

Choose a combination of numbers for yourself that will help you find financial well-being. So, the number "1", resulting from the addition of the digits of the number (in some cases and re-addition), will be favorable for your business trips. The number "2" will indicate that the car is intended, rather, for shows or exhibitions. The number "3" will help bank employees in solving problems, "4" - a number for creative people, "5" - for lovers of travel and entertainment, "6" - suitable for people who care about the family and the calm atmosphere at home. The number "7" is for individuals who love to develop and implement their plans without prying eyes, "8" - will become an irreplaceable number for realtors and builders, "9" - will help judges make the right decision, and lawyers to protect their clients.

Step 2

There are also more complex calculations, the result of which will rather speak about the "character" and reliability of the machine itself than about the identity of its owner. In this case, the "golden number" of the car is calculated (as in the case with the "golden number" of a person - by name and date of birth). "Surname" is the brand of the car, the patronymic is the number itself, and the date of birth is the date of issue.

Step 3

To calculate the "surname" of a car, you need to know the numerical values of Russians (for domestic cars) or Latin (for foreign cars). So, for example, for "VAZ" it is 3 + 1 + 9 = 13, 1 + 3 = 4. After that, all the digits of the number and date of issue are added (in numerical value). Theoretically, using such a system, you can choose a "lucky number" for yourself if the car has already been purchased, but not registered with the traffic police.

Step 4

If you are a fan of feng shui, then in the process of choosing a lucky number, be guided by the following criteria:

- the luckiest number is "8". The car, in the number of which will be present "9", will bring wealth and prosperity to its owner.

- the number "3" symbolizes life in all its manifestations. And such a combination of numbers as, for example, "329" would mean "rapid business growth";

- the number "6" is no less favorable and is considered as a doubled "three". Therefore, for example, the number "638" will mean "a constant increase in income" for you;

- the numbers "1" and "9" - symbolize "unity" and "longevity", respectively;

- the number "2", located at the beginning of the number, denotes the ease of actions that symbolize other numbers. However, you should not allow the combination "24", as it will look like "easy to die";

- the number "5", on the contrary, means "will not." Therefore, this number in combination with "4" (for example, "54") is quite applicable;

- the number "7" is best combined with "2" and "8". This number stands for “confidence”;

- the number "4" is better, of course, to avoid. However, in the combination "48" this number can be considered as "prosperity, in spite of everything", and in the combination "43" - "even if you die, you will live." The basic rule is not to choose a number ending in "4".