How To Get A Loan For A Car In

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How To Get A Loan For A Car In
How To Get A Loan For A Car In

Video: How To Get A Loan For A Car In

Video: How To Get A Loan For A Car In
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The most common way to buy a car is to buy it with cash or take out a car loan. The main advantage of car loans is that you can get a car without having the entire amount required for the purchase.

How to get a loan for a car
How to get a loan for a car


Step 1

Additionally, you weigh all the costs associated with purchasing a car. In addition to paying off a loan, insurance and fuel costs, the monthly costs of operating a car include the costs of parking or a garage, washing, purchasing additional equipment, and possible costs of paying fines for violation of traffic rules. These additional costs can upset the balance of the family budget.

Step 2

Take a certificate of income at work. A loan without information about income is issued by a bank secured by a security. The pledge can be a purchased car, or real estate: a garage, a summer residence, an apartment.

Step 3

Make out the purchase of a car you like in a car dealership. You are given an act of selection of the car, which indicates the model of the car, its equipment and cost.

Step 4

Choose the bank to which you will apply for a loan. Often there is an option when a car dealership works with a specific bank, to which you will be politely directed. Nothing bad will happen if you visit not only the recommended bank, but also check out a few additional options.

Step 5

With a certificate of income, an act of selection of a car, a copy of your passport, contact the chosen bank. Go through the procedure for processing credit documents, it can take from an hour - one and a half to several days. After completing the necessary documents, you will be issued a letter of guarantee from the bank.

Step 6

With a letter of guarantee from the bank, you return to the car dealership, where the car is “put aside” for you.

Step 7

On the day the loan is issued, which, as a rule, differs from the day the loan documents are issued, come to the bank and pay the first installment on the loan.

Step 8

With payment for the first loan installment, come to the car dealership and get a long-awaited car.