Car Loan: To Take Or Not To Take?

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Car Loan: To Take Or Not To Take?
Car Loan: To Take Or Not To Take?

Video: Car Loan: To Take Or Not To Take?

Video: Car Loan: To Take Or Not To Take?
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You can buy a car you like without money. Today, cars are issued on credit directly at car dealerships, as they say, "without leaving the cash register." Is it worth evaluating other ways to find funds, such as savings, sale of property, or is it easier to contact a bank for a quick loan?

Car loan: to take or not to take?
Car loan: to take or not to take?

What actions can be taken in order not to take out a loan for a car

- to wait for a sudden inheritance;

- work around the clock to earn the required amount;

- to save on everything, even on healthy food and warm clothes;

- borrow from your friends;

- sell expensive property: a house, a summer residence, a motorcycle;

- successfully marry / get married.

No matter how ridiculous these ways of accumulating funds may seem, but such options are considered by motorists in the first place in order to quickly buy the desired car without taking out a car on credit.

Types of modern car loan programs

- a loan "from scratch", or without a down payment;

- trade-in, or buying a new car to offset the old one;

- express loan;

- interest-free installments on preferential terms.

9 reasons to get a car loan

1. Buying a car on credit, you can use it from the first day. What was previously inaccessible - trips to the dacha, to the sea, moving - becomes real at minimal cost.

2. No need to save money and fear a crisis. It is enough to deposit the minimum amount and arrange a car on credit.

3. As long as you save money for a car, prices go up.

4. Any additional equipment can be included in the credit value of the car.

5. More often than not, there is not enough money for insurance. You can include the cost of insurance in your car loan.

6. In a car dealership you can exchange your car for a new modern transport and get the missing amount on credit. You don't have to waste time looking for a buyer or fear for the life of your family when selling a car.

7. Expenditures are planned: the monthly payment on the loan will not exceed 40% of your salary, and the interest on the loan will be less than $ 1 per day. For that kind of money, it is impossible to find a taxi even for an hour.

8. Abroad, people live only on credit. They make themselves comfortable. It is much more expensive than the interest on the loan.

9. Everything that can be bypassed in an hour by car, on foot cannot be run in a day. By taking out a car loan, you save your health and nerves.