How To Remove A Stove Vaz 2110

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How To Remove A Stove Vaz 2110
How To Remove A Stove Vaz 2110

Video: How To Remove A Stove Vaz 2110

Video: How To Remove A Stove Vaz 2110
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The stove (heater) on the car is necessary in order to maintain the temperature in the cabin at the desired level. On the VAZ-2110, the heater control system is automatic, and the temperature is regulated with an accuracy of two degrees Celsius. The air entering the passenger compartment is once again heated in the heater radiator and distributed through the vents throughout the vehicle. In winter, the stove is an indispensable part, so it needs care and prevention. To do this, you have to remove it, and then put it in place.

How to remove a stove vaz 2110
How to remove a stove vaz 2110


Step 1

Prepare flat head screwdrivers, Phillips screwdrivers and wrenches. The manufacturer strongly does not recommend removing the recirculation flap control valve, water deflector and recirculation flap on your own.

Step 2

First, disconnect the negative cable from the battery. Remove the trim, the noise insulation and the trim that is on the windshield frame.

Step 3

Disconnect the fan and set aside. Unscrew the screw securing the vacuum hose clamp and remove it. Use a screwdriver to hook the spring clips that secure the front air intake housing.

Step 4

Get close to the screws that secure the front case, but this isn't easy. You may have to remove the dashboard from the passenger compartment, unscrew the screws that secure the heater and raise it, and then calmly unscrew the fastening of the air intake housing.

Step 5

Remove the front housing, loosen the clamps and disconnect the steam hose and hoses from the fittings. Now remove the rear heater shroud and take out the radiator.

Step 6

You can easily remove the stove by unscrewing three screws in the middle of the front panel that secure the heater, and another screw is on the left under the noise insulation, which will have to be bent from the edge. Pull out the fuser towards the engine compartment. After all work or replacement of the heater, everything is installed in the reverse order.