How To Remove The Radiator Grill On The Lada Priora In

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How To Remove The Radiator Grill On The Lada Priora In
How To Remove The Radiator Grill On The Lada Priora In

Video: How To Remove The Radiator Grill On The Lada Priora In

Video: How To Remove The Radiator Grill On The Lada Priora In

Buying a vehicle does not always satisfy all the requirements of a motorist. In search of perfection, Lada Priora owners often use tuning to make their car more stylish. If you become the owner of a car of a domestic manufacturer, try to innovate to get a unique copy. One such change is the removal of the factory grille.

How to remove the radiator grill on the Lada Priora in 2017
How to remove the radiator grill on the Lada Priora in 2017

It is necessary

  • - rubber gaskets;
  • - Screwdriver Set;
  • - radiator grille;
  • - double sided tape;
  • - washers, nuts, latches;
  • - conical mountings;
  • - fixing washers;
  • - scissors;
  • - a clean, dry cloth of a large size;
  • - cotton gloves;
  • - manual for the car Lada Priora;
  • - mud sump;
  • - set of wrenches.


Step 1

Study the manual for the car Lada Priora, it can be purchased at the points of sale of mass media or from an authorized dealer. Visit the forum site for similar brand owners. There you can find detailed photos of the grille removal process and ask questions in a specific community. Chat with other car enthusiasts or locksmiths for advice.

Step 2

For work, use high-quality tools, better than the brand recommended by the AvtoVAZ plant. The use of parts from third-party manufacturers increases the risk of sudden damage to the vehicle during subsequent use.


Step 3

Choose a method that makes it easier for you to remove the radiator grill. The first option is to remove the bumper during operation, the second is to carry out repairs without the bumper involved. Each method has its own pros and cons. Removing the lattice with the first method takes more time and is less economical, but the second method requires certain skills.

Step 4

Disconnect the ground wire from the battery, remove the engine mudguard, a plastic piece that protects the engine from damage and contamination. Unscrew the bottom three screws securing the bumper to the protective covers of the fenders of the car. Remove the four screws securing the bumper towards the front of the car body and the two screws securing the right and left headlight covers towards the bumper. On the right and left side of the wheel arches, unscrew two screws for attaching the bumper to the front fenders and one screw each attaching to the left and right protective covers of the fenders. Pull the bumper forward and remove it. Now you can easily detach the radiator grill on Lada Priora.


Step 5

Take a thin awl, from the front side of the grille, alternately on the right and left through the holes for its attachment in the bumper, press the fixing washers. Gradually remove all the parts that hold the grille. As a rule, they are easy to detach with a regular screwdriver. The number of parts, screws and plastic membranes depends on the assembly, so be guided in place. It is important to prevent small parts from getting into the carburetor, fold them after they have been unscrewed separately. This method is quite traumatic, since working with a sharp instrument can damage the skin.

Step 6

Raise the hood of your car and secure it with a secure stop. Remove the screws that secure the combination lights to the front panel of the machine. Disconnect the electrical wiring and remove the lights. Using a screwdriver, unscrew the retaining metal washers a quarter of a turn. Tilt the radiator grille forward, then pull it up to remove it. Remove carefully.


Step 7

Take a wire cutter, two slotted screwdrivers of different sizes. Open the hood, unscrew three screws of the headlamp dirt collector on each side, then the four screws that secure the bumper itself to the car. You should have performed these steps so that the bumper folds back. Beat it off carefully. Use the nibbling method to remove the old washers with wire cutters.

Step 8

Gently stick your hand between the bumper and the car, take out the old washers. Put new substitutes on the mounts and attach the grille there. Screw back the plastic filter cleaning trays with a multi-purpose screwdriver. This will take no more than five minutes, so this method is not only economical, but also fast.


Step 9

Open the hood, unscrew ten long screws with a long screwdriver, set them aside, you will need them later. If the parts have become unusable, use new self-tapping screws. In general, any fasteners and constituent elements should be kept at hand, since they may be needed at any time. Often such situations occur precisely when the radiator grille is removed.

Step 10

Remove the panels above the headlights, cut off the logo, bend the central casing together with the grille, pointing towards you. The grille itself is supported by five long screws at the top and four at the bottom, so choose a screwdriver with a short base for work. Then change the sabers, unscrew the four nuts on the back, glue this place with double-sided tape. The front saber is also easy to unscrew, to do this, bend the Shumka, carefully unscrew the two nuts and three latches, do it carefully so as not to break. After that, glue the eyelashes and cut off the plastic nameplate, a plate with coded information indicating the main characteristics of the vehicle. Then use the tape to secure it again. If irregularities are found, use a file to remove them.