How To Determine If An Engine Is Troit

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How To Determine If An Engine Is Troit
How To Determine If An Engine Is Troit

Video: How To Determine If An Engine Is Troit

Video: How To Determine If An Engine Is Troit
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Timely car engine care is a guarantee that you will not find yourself far from civilization in a broken car. A serious problem in the operation of a car can be malfunctions with one of the cylinders, leading to the triplet of the engine. If you have set yourself the task of independently determining whether the engine of your car is triple, pay attention to the following points.

How to determine if an engine is troit
How to determine if an engine is troit


  • - automobile;
  • - good hearing.


Step 1

Listen to the engine running while driving and remember how the sound was before. Notice if the engine has begun to run unevenly, if the rpm is floating. Try to accelerate and determine if the car is "pulling" as before, if it has lost power. If you feel some of these signs in your car, consider doing a thorough inspection and repair, most likely the engine is troit.

Step 2

Stand near the exhaust pipe and listen for the sound of the engine running. If you hear a uniformly distinguishable "boo-boo-boo" characteristic of a "triple" engine, do not rush to draw conclusions, since the cause of poor performance may simply be the freezing of the working parts. Warm up the engine for a while and listen again. If the sound has not changed, then the engine is troit.

Step 3

Try this way. While driving, press the accelerator pedal sharply and accelerate. Listen: if the engine did not immediately respond, but first "zabubnil" (the sound of "bu-bu-bu-bu-buuuuuuuu), likely with one of the cylinders that something is wrong, that is, the engine troit.

Step 4

Start your car. Try to feel how the engine works at idle: if it works unevenly, twitches, with "dips", then most likely there is a problem with one of the cylinders. The reasons may be different, including the triplet engine, carry out a full diagnostics and think about repairs.

Step 5

Start the car and open the hood. Remove the candlestick caps one at a time, thereby disconnecting the candles from the engine. Listen carefully to the sound of the engine, if the sound has changed, then everything is in order with this candle, and if the sound has not changed, the problem is in this candle.

Step 6

If you are still in doubt as to whether the engine is troit, consult an experienced driver or service station. Please note that this breakdown is very serious and requires a thorough investigation of the causes and immediate repair.