"Loaf" Is A Legendary Car: What Will It Be Like Now?

"Loaf" Is A Legendary Car: What Will It Be Like Now?
"Loaf" Is A Legendary Car: What Will It Be Like Now?

Video: "Loaf" Is A Legendary Car: What Will It Be Like Now?

Video: "Loaf" Is A Legendary Car: What Will It Be Like Now?
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Recently, news about changes in the well-known Russian-made UAZ car surfaced on the Internet. Fans of this car expect tremendous changes, because it is time to modernize and improve many adored car, since for more than 50 years the company has been adhering to a single concept and vision of appearance and equipment.

"Loaf" is a legendary car: what will it be like now?
"Loaf" is a legendary car: what will it be like now?

The new UAZ-452 van is still at the development stage, but this does not prevent fans from discussing and guessing what it will be like in the future, because the concept of the new model can already be found and viewed on the Internet. As you can see, the car will have a significant number of changes related not only to the technical component, but also to the appearance of the car. In the images, you can see that the track will become wider, and the rearview mirrors will become simply huge. There will also be LED optics, which makes the car more daring and modern, and a protective metal plate will flaunt on the front bumper.

Why so long?

Many will ask why changes have not been made to this model for so many years, because the car is in demand, and time does not stand still. Technological advances are advancing so fast that you never have time to notice how one development overshadows another, but as it turns out, the problem with improving the machine is for several reasons. First, the design of the car is extremely outdated and it is incredibly difficult to modernize it, and second, the van is unique on the market among similar models and it has no competitors.

It is absolutely clear that UAZ is so in demand on the market precisely because of its frame structure, because it is its main component and advantage among other cars in this segment. And so that in the future the number of fans of the model will only increase, the design must be preserved. And the rejection of it will only lead to high costs, since the changes will affect absolutely the entire body, it will have to be rebuilt.

What can really change?

But this does not mean that nothing can be done and everything will remain the same. You can slightly upgrade the load-bearing structure. Thus, the level of passive safety will increase, and the structure will become stiffer and stronger, becoming a new staircase type. Such improvements are taking place because the Patriot frame is being improved at the present time. There are suggestions that some elements will be possible to adopt from the “Russian Prado”.

As for the exterior, its legendary silhouette will remain, but the appearance of some details will be revised. As already noted, rear-view mirrors, lanterns and headlights will have different, more modern and practical shapes. Now, in the dark, drivers will have a better view of the area, since the lighting devices will become diode.

Functional changes.

The changes will also affect less functional parts of the car, for example, the bumper and the design of the radiator grill. They will give the car a much more brutal appearance. After all, every owner wants to understand that his car is unique and there is no other such on the market.

But, unfortunately, if we talk about changes in the cabin, then everything will most likely remain as before. The pedal assembly depends on the type of body, and as we have already found out, it will be extremely difficult to make any amendments there, that is, the design will be the same. With regards to the steering wheel, everything is not so simple here either. Due to the old design, it will not be possible to integrate a telescopic mechanism that would make it easier to operate and make it more comfortable. Therefore, Loaf owners are likely to see remnants of the past in the cabin in the future.

New motor

There is information that the Zavolzhsky Motor Plant has acquired a new family of gasoline engines. The second generation Patriot will be the first in line to install this innovation and the first to test it in the field. And in the future, perhaps, our UAZ will be equipped with a new engine, which should certainly improve the general condition of the car and its performance.

Let's hope that the sketches of the Loaf will come true in the near future and we will all watch the birth of a new model of this legendary car, which will conquer a large number of people.