How To Turn Off The Pantera Alarm

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How To Turn Off The Pantera Alarm
How To Turn Off The Pantera Alarm

Video: How To Turn Off The Pantera Alarm

Video: How To Turn Off The Pantera Alarm
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The Pantera alarm is one of the most well-known anti-theft systems on the market. It has many modifications that allow the system to flexibly adapt to the needs of consumers. The SLK series, designed for Russia, operates in a huge temperature range, and the increased noise immunity contributes to confident operation in domestic cars. Disabling the alarm may be necessary when servicing the car or due to abnormal operation of the security system itself.

How to turn off the Pantera alarm
How to turn off the Pantera alarm

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instructions for the Pantera alarm


Step 1

Disable all security functions of the Pantera system using the Valet three-button switch. To do this, get in the car. Find and hold the Valet switch for 10-15 seconds. If all goes well, the system siren will beep once. In this case, the alarm sensor will light constantly.

Step 2

Disconnect the system remotely. It is easy to do this, however, you must first disable some quite important alarm functions. In particular, the Anti-HiJack service, which is responsible for blocking the car's engine, must be neutralized.

Step 3

If the transmitter-key fob is lost, its batteries run out or a situation has arisen in which the use of the key fob is impossible, open the car with the key. In this case, do not pay attention to the screaming siren and flashing side lights, as well as the light inside the passenger compartment. The alarm worked normally, but it can be turned off even in the active phase.

Step 4

To emergency disable the Pantera security system, you must insert the key into the ignition switch, then turn on, off and immediately turn on the engine again. Press and hold the Valet button for 10-15 seconds. The alarm will be deactivated and the engine will be unlocked.

Step 5

Disable the security alarm without a transmitter using the program code if it was previously installed in the system. To do this, use the key to get inside the car. Signaling cannot be avoided. Find the Valet button and within 15 seconds. press it exactly the number of times that corresponds to the first digit of the personal code. Then dial the second digit of the code by pressing the Valet button. If everything was done correctly, the alarm mode will be cleared, the siren will turn off, and the car will be able to continue moving.