How To Enable The Touchpad

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How To Enable The Touchpad
How To Enable The Touchpad

Video: How To Enable The Touchpad

Video: How To Enable The Touchpad
Video: How to Disable Or Enable Laptop Touchpad Laptop Mouse 2023, December

A modern car radio performs a wide range of functions. This is playing music, and receiving radio broadcasts and TV programs, and viewing photos, and playing films. The car radio is controlled both by the remote control and using the touch panel.

How to enable the touchpad
How to enable the touchpad


Step 1

The touch screen is still an innovation in the device of car audio systems. However, it allows you to operate its functions without using the keys. This greatly speeds up the selection process. The interactive touch panel is a thin, self-adhesive sheet that sits on top of the LCD screen. The panel's sensitivity is so high that the output signal changes from even the lightest touch. This leads to the fact that the choice of the desired function is carried out by touching a finger or a special pen on the desired image on the screen.

Step 2

Thus, if you want to turn on the touch panel of the car radio, take a stylus in your hand - a stylus to move around the touch screen. Or, depending on the type of car radio, use your index finger.

Step 3

Slide your stylus or finger gently across the touch control area. It represents the light area on the front panel where the various functional areas are located.

Step 4

Tap lightly with the stylus or your finger on the part of the touchscreen surface where the power on / off button is located. It is shown in the form of a circle, which is crossed at the top by a vertical line, and is located in the upper left corner of the screen.

Step 5

The touch panel will power on instantly, so remove the stylus or finger immediately after the first tap on the screen.

Step 6

If you want to mute or unmute the sound while listening to music, use the same power on / off button. You will see MUTE next to the circle. - While playing an audio file, lightly tap the desired area of the touchpad once and the sound will be muted. - Press the MUTE touch button again and the music will continue to play.