How To Replace Door Handles With A VAZ

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How To Replace Door Handles With A VAZ
How To Replace Door Handles With A VAZ

Video: How To Replace Door Handles With A VAZ

Video: How To Replace Door Handles With A VAZ
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Broken door handles do not impede the movement of the car, but creates a rather unpleasant problem, since it becomes impossible to get out of the car or get into it normally.

Door VAZ 2108
Door VAZ 2108

The design of door handles on VAZ 2108 - 21099 cars turned out to be not very successful and gives motorists much more problems than the design of handles on classic Zhiguli models. The handles often break and have to be replaced.

For many motorists, replacement is further complicated by the fact that for this you have to remove the trim from the door. The procedure for replacing the handles is simple and the same for both the front and rear doors of the car.

To replace, you will have to purchase not only a new handle, but also plastic clamps for the door trim, since they are disposable.

Removing the door trim

Remove the power window handle first. To do this, insert a thin flat screwdriver between the two decorative plastic washers under the handle. Raise the top washer to disengage the retaining tooth from the bottom washer. Slide the top washer and remove it from the handle. Next, remove the handle from the slots and then remove the lower washer.

Also, use a thin screwdriver to remove the plugs from the armrest handle. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws and remove the handle. Caution - Do not lose the backing under the top of the handle.

Use a long Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws securing the plastic pocket to the bottom of the door. Next, unscrew the door lock button.

Using a thin screwdriver, press the decorative strip under the inner door release handle to disengage the latch on the strip. Then pull the handle towards you and remove the decorative trim.

Use a wide and thin steel plate such as a knife blade to remove the door trim. Carefully slide the blade under the trim against the latch and squeeze the trim out to disengage the latch. Repeat this operation in turn with each retainer. Bend the edge of the glass rubber seal to release the upper tabs.

Replacing the inner handle

After removing the trim from the door, you can proceed to replacing the handles. To remove the interior door handle, remove the two mounting screws with a Phillips screwdriver. Next, push the handle inside the door and take it out through the window in rigidity. Remove the remnants of the old handle from the rod and thread the rod through the hole in the new handle. Insert the handle into the landing window and secure with screws.

Check pen operation. If necessary, the handle can be moved forward or backward in the seats. After checking and adjusting, finally tighten the screws.

Replacing the outer handle

Use a flat screwdriver to disconnect the outer handle plastic rod ends from the lock mechanism. Unscrew the two nuts securing the handle to the door, then carefully remove the handle along with the rods.

Using a pair of pliers, remove the pin from the rod end fitted on the lock cylinder. Remove the retaining spring, then insert the key and remove the lock cylinder from the handle. Install the lock into the new handle. After that, install a new handle, adjust the length of the rods, if necessary, by rotating the plastic tip. After adjusting, snap the rod end into place with the pliers.