How To Charge A Scooter Battery

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How To Charge A Scooter Battery
How To Charge A Scooter Battery

Video: How To Charge A Scooter Battery

Video: How To Charge A Scooter Battery
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The battery is a reversible current source. He is able to give off the electricity previously accumulated in it. On a scooter, a battery is required to start the engine with a starter, as well as to operate the entire electrical circuit, including direction indicators, sound signal, brake light, fuel and oil level sensor, side lights. Batteries are divided into different capacities and rated voltages. You can charge the battery used on a scooter with a voltage of 12 volts yourself.

How to charge a scooter battery
How to charge a scooter battery

It is necessary

  • - distilled water (1 liter) or acid for batteries;
  • - battery charger;
  • - hydrometer;
  • - screwdriver.


Step 1

Remove the battery from the scooter and place it on a level place. Use a screwdriver to carefully unscrew all 6 filler caps and set them aside.

Step 2

Make sure that the acid in the battery cans is at the correct level (the lead plates must be completely submerged in the acid). If necessary, add distilled water or prepared acid there. Using a hydrometer, measure the density of the acid in the battery, density 1, 25 - 100% charge level, density 1, 19 - 50% charge level.

Step 3

Take a charger. Connect first the red terminal to the battery plus, then the black terminal to the minus. Connect the charger to the mains and set the required charging current on it (according to the instructions).

Step 4

After 1–1, 5 hours, unplug the charger and check the acid density. Recharge if necessary.

Step 5

Disconnect the charger from the mains and from the battery. Screw the filler plugs back in place. Install the battery on the scooter.