How To Strengthen The Springs On A Gazelle

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How To Strengthen The Springs On A Gazelle
How To Strengthen The Springs On A Gazelle

Video: How To Strengthen The Springs On A Gazelle

Video: How To Strengthen The Springs On A Gazelle
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Over time, the springs collapse, the car begins to sag and its carrying capacity decreases. Therefore, for owners of GAZ cars of low carrying capacity, the strengthening of springs is relevant. From the point of view of modern automotive industry, the Gazelle uses an archaic dependent suspension of all wheels. Its scheme is simple: a one-piece axle beam is installed both front and rear on longitudinal springs.

How to strengthen the springs on a gazelle
How to strengthen the springs on a gazelle


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The limitation of the maximum weight of the transported cargo is set by the manufacturer for each vehicle. Strengthening the rear and front springs adds up to about 500 kg. Strengthening the spring is also advisable when lengthening the chassis of cars to increase the reliability of the extended base at full load.

Five main and three additional leaf-springs are part of the Gazelle rear suspension springs. And in the front suspension of the car, the compression springs mounted on the frame act as additional sheets.

To avoid undesirable consequences, increase in advance the total number of rear leaf springs, and, if desired, front ones. This change will bring another plus - the stability of the laden van or body will increase.

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Do not get carried away by the number of added sheets, everything should be in moderation. The shock load can go to the more expensive joints or components of the car, because too stiff suspension will not absorb the many defects of our roads.

Front and rear spring assemblies are interchangeable: worn out rear springs in old cars can be put instead of the front ones, and new ones can be bought in their place.

Step 3

Among the breakdowns of the Gazelle, a rather serious defect occurs: both bridges cease to be equal to each other and therefore the fastening of the bridge to the spring is weakened. The car loses directional stability, tires wear out. Drivers, noticing something amiss, look for the reason for the decrease in steering control or adjust the wheel alignment angles.

In fact, accurately measure the distance between the front and rear wheels of the right and left sides. The reason for the skewed bridges of a used car can be, for example, if, during the repair of the bridge, the nuts of the ladders were poorly tightened or the car was in an accident.

Step 4

Broken spring center bolt is another cause of axle skew. If the bridge is "pulled away", be sure to check if the bolt is intact. A new bolt, although it costs a penny, will not be easy to repair. It is necessary to make a "bulkhead" of the spring, because the main leaf of the spring is displaced due to the breakage of the bolt.