How To Learn To Change Gears

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How To Learn To Change Gears
How To Learn To Change Gears

Video: How To Learn To Change Gears

Video: How To Learn To Change Gears
Video: How To Change Gear In A Manual Car | Learn to drive: Car control skills 2023, December

The most difficult part of the technical part of driving is the ability to shift a manual transmission. Although it is with the manual transmission that you can enjoy driving and driving, when you decide how quickly you can get under way and accelerate. And in extreme driving, a lot depends on the ability to work with the gearbox.

How to learn to change gears
How to learn to change gears


Step 1

To get started, practice shifting the gear lever in place. To do this, press the clutch and change gears in sequence. Your task is to learn how to do this without looking at the gearbox. And it is this mistake that inexperienced drivers make.

Step 2

Work through the transmissions that are most difficult for you. The most common confusion is third and fifth gear. The fifth gear must be included, pushing the lever more to the right and up. While the third gear after the second is included up and to the right without changing the trajectory. You just need to move the lever to the right a little.

Step 3

Difficulties with turning on the reverse speed are in those cars on which the reverse gear is turned on by moving to the left and up. It is often confused with first gear. When engaging first gear, do not jerk too hard to the left. Drive slightly to the left of neutral and the gear will engage itself.

Step 4

On the road, calculate the gear sequence and the speed segment that corresponds to each gear. To do this, look at the readings of the tachometer and speedometer. The tachometer shows the engine speed that it picks up during acceleration.

Step 5

In the first gear, they usually start off, then, after accelerating a little, switch the second.

Step 6

For third gear, you need to pick up a speed of 30-40 km / h. Then accelerate to 60 km / h again to shift into fourth gear.

Step 7

But the fifth gear requires increased speed. And on different machines it can vary, depending on the engine power. Cars with a small engine displacement after a speed of 80 km / h gain momentum poorly. Therefore, they switch to the fifth speed later. Powerful cars pick up speed faster, and they shift upshifts earlier - after 70-80 km / h.