How To Change Gears On Kamaz

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How To Change Gears On Kamaz
How To Change Gears On Kamaz

Video: How To Change Gears On Kamaz

Video: How To Change Gears On Kamaz

KAMAZ trucks are equipped with two types of five-speed gearboxes: conventional, designed for use on dump trucks; and with a divider - for equipping long-haul tractors operating as part of heavy road trains. And if the inclusion of steps in mechanisms of the first type occurs, as in most other similar devices, then in the second case there are some nuances.

How to change gears on Kamaz
How to change gears on Kamaz

It is necessary

KAMAZ car with a gearbox with a divider


Step 1

Driving a truck is not much more difficult than driving a passenger car. But before you set off and feel like a real professional, sit comfortably in the driver's seat and grasp the gear shift lever with your right hand. Rock it from side to side and feel that to move it towards you, to the extreme left position, you need to apply more physical effort while overcoming a short segment - this is the zone of engaging the first stage and reverse, which are rarely used. Try to turn on without starting the engine. Feel the depth of the lever stroke and try to put it in your memory. A stage that is not switched on while starting off a loaded machine from a place can "break" the checkpoint.

Step 2

Pay attention to the small lever on the side of the gearshift lever handle, it is with its help that the transmission divider is controlled. It has only two positions: top and bottom. The name of the unit speaks for itself. In fact, it divides each included gearbox stage in two: creating a low and high gear ratio modes. You can click the flag at any time when you want, there will be no harm to the units from this. The divider mode is activated only after the clutch is disengaged.

Step 3

Let's try to move the truck from its place. We start the engine and raise the air pressure in the system to 7.5 atmospheres. Then we move the divider flag down, depress the clutch pedal and, moving the speed lever down, turn on the second (lowered) stage in the gearbox. We move smoothly and, without removing our hands from the lever, we move the divider flag to the upper position.

Step 4

After dialing the engine while driving 2200 rpm on the tachometer, turn off, literally for an instant, the clutch and switch to the increased mode of the second gear (the checkbox was moved by you earlier), and immediately move the divider lever to the lower position.

Step 5

After accelerating, disengage the clutch and move the gearshift lever upward, making the transition to the third stage in the reduced divider mode. Checkbox - up, and so on, until you move to the fifth higher.