How To Learn To Get Under Way By Car

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How To Learn To Get Under Way By Car
How To Learn To Get Under Way By Car

Video: How To Learn To Get Under Way By Car

Video: How To Learn To Get Under Way By Car
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Getting started is the hardest part of learning to drive a car. But the first time, it is rarely possible to achieve a smooth ride. If you understand the principle and learn to feel the work of the engine, then, it turns out, there is nothing difficult.

How to learn to get under way by car
How to learn to get under way by car


Step 1

Getting under way in a car with a manual transmission is the very first element that students begin to perform in a driving school. Indeed, there is no other way. But this is where the first problems begin - the car jerks, buzzes and stalls. But if you do everything correctly and consistently, you yourself will no longer notice how you drove.

Step 2

On a car with a manual transmission, to start driving, you need to squeeze the clutch, turn on the first speed, and, depressing the clutch pedal, press the gas pedal. It seems nothing complicated. Now let's take a closer look at all the errors.

Step 3

When you start to press the gas pedal, the clutch pedal must be released smoothly. And what happens is that the clutch pedal continues to be held, accelerating and increasing the revs, or they suddenly drop it without starting movement and the engine stalls.

Step 4

Watch the tachometer work. For a start, you can pogaz a little, following the arrow. You need to understand at what value of the tachometer there are enough revolutions for the car to move.

Step 5

The clutch and gas pedals must be squeezed out at the same time, with the same effort. If you suddenly feel that the clutch has depressed too much, press the pedal again. Your main task is to move away smoothly and not stall. You don't need to gas a lot. If you give a lot of gas, then the clutch pedal should be released very quickly. And you will start with a slip.

Step 6

You must not miss the moment when the necessary speed will be gained, the car will start to make a jerk. Lower the clutch almost to the end. But hold on a little until the car has driven a couple of meters. And only then can the clutch be released completely.

Step 7

A simple exercise will help you figure out where you can release the clutch pedal. Turn on the first speed. Do not press the gas pedal. Start slowly releasing the clutch pedal. At a certain moment, the car will move smoothly and slowly. And you need to remember where the clutch pedal position the car starts to move.