How To Learn To Drive In Reverse

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How To Learn To Drive In Reverse
How To Learn To Drive In Reverse

Video: How To Learn To Drive In Reverse

Video: How To Learn To Drive In Reverse
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Every novice motorist undergoes driving training in a driving school. But reversing takes too little time. However, there are some maneuvers that can only be done in reverse. For example, drive into the garage or park correctly and leave the parking lot.

How to learn to drive in reverse
How to learn to drive in reverse


Step 1

Like any skill, reversing requires practice and understanding of the process. First, learn to reverse in a straight line. At first without mirrors, just turning back over your right shoulder. It is necessary to realize that when the steering wheel is straight, the car goes straight in reverse, but with minimal steering turns, the car deviates from the set trajectory much more than when forward. Drive at the lowest speed.

Step 2

Adjust the rearview mirror and side mirrors correctly on both sides. In the side mirrors, the side of your car should occupy no more than 1/4, and the horizon should be divided in half. In the rearview mirror, you should be able to see the entire rear window of the car, including the underside. The head should be in its normal position, you should look in the mirrors without turning your head, but simply moving your gaze from mirror to mirror.

Step 3

The next stage of training is turns. Remember! Driving directions do not change when driving backwards! If you want to turn backwards to the right, the steering wheel must be turned to the right, if to the left, then the steering wheel also turns to the left.

Step 4

Next, you need to determine the minimum rear wheel track radius when making a 90 degree turn. Find an area with soft surfaces (dirt, sand), stop, get out of the car and mark the center of your rear wheel on the ground on the side where you are going to turn. Then sit in the car, engage reverse, turn the steering wheel all the way and drive slowly until the car turns 90 degrees.

Step 5

Stop and leave the vehicle again. Visually evaluate the turning radius. Stick a pole (branch, pole, stick) next to the previously marked wheel center mark. Sit back in the car and, judging the movement on the mirrors, at the minimum speed, start turning as soon as you see the pole in the side mirror.

Step 6

When driving in reverse, remember some rules: do not rush; control the position of the front fenders; be guided by the mirrors, but if you feel insecure about the situation, there is nothing wrong with turning your head back.