How To Drive Into A Garage In Reverse

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How To Drive Into A Garage In Reverse
How To Drive Into A Garage In Reverse

Video: How To Drive Into A Garage In Reverse

Video: How To Drive Into A Garage In Reverse
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Reversing the car causes some difficulties for many. Limited visibility makes it difficult to confidently maneuver. And if at the same time it is necessary to drive into a narrow garage, there is a fear of not fitting into the gate and scratching the car.

How to drive into a garage in reverse
How to drive into a garage in reverse


Step 1

If you have never reversing into a garage on your own, do preliminary workouts in a regular parking lot. To do this, you need to choose a place free from other cars - outside the city in a vacant lot, in a large parking lot in front of a store in a quiet corner. Orange traffic cones can be used to simulate a garage door. They are clearly visible in the rear mirror and are made of soft plastic that will not scratch the car in case of unsuccessful rental. You will need four cones. Two of them will represent the garage door and two will represent the back wall. To begin with, they can be placed a little wider than the real distance of the garage door. You will have to learn to maneuver in a confined space.

Step 2

The box is entered at the left or right corner, depending on the location of the garage. On the landing, drive straight past the cones and stop so that your rear bumper is in the same position as the outermost cone. In this case, the car should be slightly turned to the outer corner, as far as the space in front of the garage allows.

Step 3

Then put in reverse gear and start driving slowly. Let's say you drive into the garage on the left-hand side. This means that at the beginning of the movement in the right mirror you will not see the right cone (right wall or garage door). You begin to perform all movements, focusing on the left mirror and the left cone. Remember to look at the hood of the vehicle when reversing. At the moment of movement, it makes a turn, and if the distance from the gate to the next wall is small, you can hook it.

Step 4

When driving backward from left to right, the steering wheel must be turned to the left. Focus on the left cone exactly until you see the right cone in the right mirror. At this moment, you can stop and determine whether the distance of the machine to both cones is even. If you see that you are too close to any cone, the machine needs to be leveled.

Step 5

To do this, turn on the first speed and drive forward, twisting the steering wheel in the direction that you pressed more against. For example, it seems to you that you pressed more against the right cone. This means that when driving straight ahead, you need to twist the steering wheel to the right, aligning the car body. This maneuver can be repeated until the car enters the imaginary box exactly.

Step 6

After practicing on the cones, you can start maneuvers already in real conditions. In doing so, do not forget that the reverse speed should always be minimal. One in which you can correctly operate the steering wheel without twisting it and navigate by the mirrors.