What To Do If You Tore Off A Refueling Nozzle At A Gas Station

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What To Do If You Tore Off A Refueling Nozzle At A Gas Station
What To Do If You Tore Off A Refueling Nozzle At A Gas Station

Video: What To Do If You Tore Off A Refueling Nozzle At A Gas Station

Video: What To Do If You Tore Off A Refueling Nozzle At A Gas Station
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Cases with the breakage of refueling nozzles are a common practice at gas stations. The main reason is the absent-mindedness and carelessness of car owners. The consequence is an unpleasant conversation with the administration of the gas station, a fine or the involvement of traffic police officers.

What to do if you tore off a refueling nozzle at a gas station
What to do if you tore off a refueling nozzle at a gas station

Everyday bustle and events quickly replacing each other require the utmost concentration of residents of large cities and megalopolises. An incoming call to a mobile phone is one of the most common situations when refueling a car. The person instantly switches to the current task, forgetting about the fuel nozzle in the car's tank. The fuel meter freezes at the set mark and the driver, driven from behind by standing vehicles, gets behind the wheel faster and starts moving. At best, he notices a cliff, not having time to drive off the gas station. And there are situations when the offender manages to drive several kilometers before he notices a spare part from a gas station in the side mirrors or someone informs him about upcoming problems.

What you need to know

For gas station employees, this is a common situation and they have specific instructions for this emergency. The first step is to calm down and drive away panic thoughts. The fact that a fuel nozzle breaks off is a real accident and is solved in an appropriate way. But there is always a possibility of solving the problem with the administration of the gas station on the spot without involving law enforcement agencies.

What needs to be done

The first step is to return to the gas station and contact the employees of the gas station. Since not taking this step, the actions can be interpreted as a conscious withdrawal from the accident scene. And appropriate sanctions will be applied in the form of deprivation of a driver's license for up to one and a half years or administrative arrest for 15 days.

Then you can go in two ways. Depending on the mood of a particular representative of the gas station company, you can call the traffic police crew and resolve the problem for sure, but time consuming. Or agree on reimbursement of the cost of restoring the fuel pump.

Call traffic police officers

The guardians of law and order will register the incident as an accident. Further, the insurance company servicing OSAGO will reimburse the losses of the gas station for the restoration of the complex. As a result, insurance premium rates will increase for the driver. This way is the easiest one, which does not require any knowledge and skills from the motorist.

Agree with the employees of the gas station

This method is less time-consuming, and possibly also financially. It all depends on the ability to negotiate and the charisma of the offender. First of all, it is necessary to understand that the fuel pump is designed taking into account the repeated possibility of the fuel pistol breaking. The filling station is equipped with a special coupling capable of withstanding a breaking force of no more than 180 kg. Consequently, when the force is exceeded, it is not the hose that breaks or the column mechanisms break, but the coupling takes over the entire "shock".

If the coupling is reusable or there is a spare one, then it will take no more than an hour for the gas station technician to restore the dispenser to work. Cash rewards can be offered to compensate for the time spent. But at the same time, it is imperative to get a receipt with the absence of claims against the driver from the representatives of the gas station regarding the incident.

For understanding, the cost of a reusable clutch does not exceed 4000 rubles. Focusing on this amount, it is necessary to form monetary compensation for the filling station employees. If caught in greed, the best solution to the problem is to call a traffic police outfit. It is quite likely that it will be possible to save money, and maybe even in the event of a disruption in the operation of the filling complex, identify all the violations.