How To Remove Chips By Car

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How To Remove Chips By Car
How To Remove Chips By Car

Video: How To Remove Chips By Car

Video: How To Remove Chips By Car
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Small and large stones, flying out from under the wheels of your own car, passing and oncoming cars, hit the paintwork and lead to chips. Such damage must be repaired immediately to prevent corrosion. Try to repair the surface yourself.

How to remove chips by car
How to remove chips by car

It is necessary

Car shampoo, abrasive and fine polishing pastes, tinting wax pencil, rubbing cloths, auto-stroke or auto-marker, or a set for touch-up of chips, consisting of paint and varnish, toothpick (match), adhesive plaster or masking tape, sandpaper No. 2000, solvent, rust converter


Step 1

Choose the correct color of paint and wax crayon to restore coverage. This is extremely important when repairing a car locally. If the chip is old, treat it with a rust converter. Wash the damaged area thoroughly, always with car shampoo. Otherwise, you will have to degrease this place, for example, with gasoline, white spirit or vodka. Dry the surface.

Step 2

If only the paint-and-lacquer coating has chipped off at the damaged area, and the primer has not fallen off, apply an abrasive polishing paste to the chip. Wait 5-10 minutes and rub this area. It will be polished. Then treat the damaged area with a fine polishing paste. The chip will become invisible. In this way, even fairly large scratches can be effectively aligned in height and color.

Step 3

If the paintwork is damaged along with the primer to the metal or the chipped area is wide, carefully apply a little paint to the chip to match the color of the car before polishing. Let the paint dry. Next, cover the damage with a polishing abrasive paste. Dry it for 5-10 minutes, then rub and polish with a fine polishing paste.

Step 4

Use a wax crayon to cover up any chips. Paint over the cracked paintwork, wipe off excess wax with a napkin, and buff the chip to a smooth finish. The durability of such processing is low. It will probably have to be repeated.

Step 5

Clean up the damage with a chip touch-up kit. In order not to smear too much around, first cover the damaged area around the perimeter with adhesive plaster or masking tape. Use a protection that can be easily removed from the surface of the car after repair. Tint in two or three layers. Make the paint layer thin. Dry and paint again. If it did not work out smoothly and beautifully at once, or there are smudges, remove excess paint by blotting it with a napkin soaked in solvent. Dry the paint. Cover it with a layer of varnish on top. If the chip is small, apply a drop of paint to it with a toothpick or sharpened match. An hour later - a drop of varnish. After 3-7 days, polish the protruding varnish with sandpaper No. 2000, then with abrasive and fine polishing paste.