How To Replace The VAZ Racks

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How To Replace The VAZ Racks
How To Replace The VAZ Racks

Video: How To Replace The VAZ Racks

Video: How To Replace The VAZ Racks
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In cases where, for any reason, the racks installed in the car no longer satisfy the owner, they are replaced. Dissatisfaction with the racks may arise due to: too soft, or vice versa - excessively hard shock absorption at the time of overcoming various obstacles by the car.

How to replace the VAZ racks
How to replace the VAZ racks


  • - a set of locksmith tools,
  • - puller for ball joints,
  • - puller for steering rods.


Step 1

The procedure for replacing the front struts begins with the installation of the front of the car using a jack on a rigid support.

Step 2

After installing the machine, the wheels are removed from it and the nuts securing the bearings of the front hubs are unscrewed. Then the brakes are dismantled, which are suspended on the front beam.

Step 3

Further, the rods of both shock absorbers are freed from the upper fastening, the ends of the steering rods are disconnected with a puller, on the fingers of which the nuts are preliminarily unscrewed, the ball bearings are dismantled, and the struts are removed from the articulation with the drive shafts.

Step 4

Then, in the engine compartment, three nuts are unscrewed for the upper fastening of the struts, on the right and left sides. Having dismantled those unsuitable for further operation, the struts are changed to new ones, and all further actions related to the assembly of the front suspension are performed in the reverse order.