How To Change Racks On A VAZ 2110

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How To Change Racks On A VAZ 2110
How To Change Racks On A VAZ 2110

Video: How To Change Racks On A VAZ 2110

Video: How To Change Racks On A VAZ 2110
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Racks on any car, including the VAZ 2110, are the most important component of its suspension. They are designed to dampen body vibrations on uneven surfaces, as well as for good adhesion of the chassis to the road surface.

How to change racks on a VAZ 2110
How to change racks on a VAZ 2110


  • - wrenches for М19 and М14;
  • - a special key for extrusion of steering tips;
  • - torque wrench;
  • - jack;
  • - device for compression of springs;


Step 1

Like any part in a car, the struts have a certain service life prescribed by the manufacturer. On the VAZ 2110, it is approximately from 30 to 40 thousand km of operation.

Step 2

It is possible to notice that the racks on this car are out of order due to some symptoms, such as steering wheel beating, strong body vibration from the side of the faulty rack, car skidding when cornering, increasing braking distance, knocking on uneven road surfaces and oil leakage on the rack … With such malfunctions, the operation of the car is highly undesirable. All this can lead to serious consequences, for example, failure of the support bearings of the struts, imbalance of the front wheels. All this can lead to damage to the hub, and then turn into additional costs for repairs. The most important thing is that the safety of the car decreases as the braking distance increases, these few meters can cost you the repair of the entire body and, even worse, your life. As a result, there is a strong wear of the brake pads, and this is also an additional cost.

Step 3

Diagnostics of the car's running gear is best done in a car service at a special stand that simulates the road surface. After that, a printout of the vehicle rack diagnostics is performed. But you can carry out a weekly check of the chassis and do it yourself. To do this, you need to choose a well-known section of the road and enter the turn at the same speed, while watching the behavior of the car. As soon as the car starts to skid, then the racks must be replaced.

Step 4

Replacing the front struts of the VAZ 2110 is carried out on a flat surface. Bricks or other objects must be placed under the wheels that will prevent the car from rolling away when it is jacked up. To loosen the stem nut, remove the protective cap. Next, unscrew the three upper bolts that hold the rack itself. Then disconnect the brake hose from the bracket so as not to damage it when removing the spare part. Remove the steering knuckle, then the steering end. The removed rack must be clamped in a vice. Then, with a special device for tightening the shock absorber springs, compress the spring until it stops pressing on the support cups. Disassembly completed. Replace the old rack with a new one. Assemble in exactly the reverse order. The final stage in the repair is the need to make wheel alignment.