What Materials Are Best Used For Noise Insulation

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What Materials Are Best Used For Noise Insulation
What Materials Are Best Used For Noise Insulation

There are several types of materials that can help reduce the noise level that occurs during vehicle operation. Their principle of sound reduction is different, but they achieve their goal equally well.

Special sound-insulating materials will help to reduce the noise level in the car
Special sound-insulating materials will help to reduce the noise level in the car


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To reduce the noise level during vehicle operation, two types of materials can be used: sound absorbers and sound insulators. There is a difference among them, and a fundamental one. The principle of operation of the former is sound absorption, the latter have a closed cellular structure, the top layer of which is formed by a soundproof film that reflects acoustic waves. Those with a foil surface are especially effective. Many sound insulators provide tightness and act as insulation.

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To get rid of squeaks arising from the contact of metal and plastic parts of the car, and at the same time to seal the interior trim, use noise absorbers, vibration dampers, anti-squeak materials. Among them are the StP line ("StandartPlast"): "Accent" and "Bitoplast". The first, in addition to soundproofing properties, has the quality of a heat insulator. Both of these materials are of high quality and long service life. Isolone has slightly lower noise absorption characteristics.

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Vibration isolators are called "vibration dampers". They are made of materials that reduce the vibration amplitude of plastic and metal parts of the car. The elasticity of vibration isolators is given by the bitumen and foamed rubber included in their composition.

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Vibration dampers do not absorb or reflect sound, but reduce the noise level by eliminating its cause: friction of machine parts. They compensate for the fluctuations arising in its process. The best in this category are considered "BiMastBomb", "BiMastStandard" (its advantage is the greatest elasticity), "VibroPlast" M1 or M2 (differ in the thickness of the web), "VisoMat" (requires heating up to 50 ° C before installation).

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There is another category of materials that will help reduce the noise level when driving a car - cushioning. Previously, foam rubber, polystyrene, carpet, any plastic substances were often used for this purpose. Today, car dealerships have a fairly wide selection of modern cushioning materials.

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The best among them are BitoPlast and Madeleine. The first is made on the basis of polyurethane and is equipped with a sticky layer, water-resistant and durable. The second is a dense fabric with an adhesive backing. With the help of Madeleine, it is possible to seal the joints between the panels in an open way, as this material is attractive and does not spoil the appearance of the interior. Available in two versions: gray and black fabrics.