How To Find Out The History Of The Car By VIN-code

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How To Find Out The History Of The Car By VIN-code
How To Find Out The History Of The Car By VIN-code

Video: How To Find Out The History Of The Car By VIN-code

Video: How To Find Out The History Of The Car By VIN-code
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VIN-code is the main identifier by which you can find out almost everything about the car. It encrypts the year of manufacture, the country of manufacture, and the model - in general, almost all the technical characteristics of the machine. However, you can also find out the full history of the car by VIN-code.

How to find out the history of the car by VIN-code
How to find out the history of the car by VIN-code

It is necessary

  • - registration certificate for the car;
  • -the Internet


Step 1

The VIN code is complete information about your vehicle. It seems that this is just a regular set of characters in a foreign language, but this is far from the case. After all, it will be unique for each vehicle. In addition to basic information about the year of release of the car from the assembly line and the country of assembly, you can also find out the information that is entered into the bases of the road transport inspection when registering a vehicle in any country. Thus, by the usual VIN-code, you can find out if the car has been hijacked during its entire existence, whether the vehicle has appeared in reports of road accidents, you will learn about the presence or absence of fines, where all vehicle registrations took place and where any service related to the machine. Agree that obtaining such information in everyday life is a rather difficult and time-consuming task, which is not the fact that it will bring the expected result. And by VIN-code, all the dossier on the car can be obtained in a matter of minutes. An additional bonus is that you can add photographs of a car in different years of its operation to the Vin-code base.

Step 2

All of the above information will be most useful to those who are going to buy a vehicle and want to decide whether the seller offers a good car. For new cars, the VIN code, as a rule, does not carry very important information, but you can find out almost everything about a used car without hiding. A seller disguised as a good car may offer you a car with a rather dark past. Perhaps she was in a traffic accident or is listed in theft, and the seller does not tell you this information in order to sell the car at a bargain price for him. Having learned the VIN-code of the car, you can protect yourself and make an extremely clean transaction.

Step 3

If the seller does not want to provide you with the documentation for the vehicle for examination before purchase, then you can see the wine code when inspecting the car. The vehicle manufacturer can fill the VIN code on any part of the vehicle. This is done so that in the event of a hijacking, it would be rather problematic to interrupt it. In addition, the number of stuffed codes on different parts of the car can be any. Most often, you need to look under the hood to find the VIN code. If there is no information there, then examine the front door pillar, as well as the part of the floor located under the trim, where the driver's seat is. You should find a special code consisting of seventeen characters (both numbers and English letters). In addition to being on a car, the VIN code must be present on all documents of this car. Insurance, technical passport and registration certificate must have the same code, identical to that indicated on the machine itself.


Step 4

If you bought a car abroad, for example, in the USA, then you can find out its history by VIN number via the Internet. To do this, you need to go to the sites or Collected here is information on more than 4 billion vehicles sold in the USA or Canada. Moreover, the data was obtained from various sources. Therefore, here you can get very detailed information about your car. This information is paid. The report will cost you about 200 rubles.

Step 5

If you do not want to pay for information, try using the services of the site You can also use the "hive mind" and refer to experienced forum users on the Internet. To do this, go to any automotive forum. For example, the one related to your car model. There, in the appropriate section: "How to punch a car by VIN?" you can easily find several experienced experts. You just need to dump your code to them, and they will try to find all the information they need. The answer will be sent to you by email.

Step 6

Contact the traffic police. To do this, you will need a vehicle registration certificate, where there is a vehicle identification number. Traffic police inspectors in their database can check whether your car is involved in road accidents, whether it was on the wanted list, whether there are any serious crimes associated with it, and whether your car is not a bail.

Step 7

You can try to search for information on the car and simply in Internet search engines. To do this, you just need to drive your number into the search engine line and press search. Perhaps the previous owner addressed any question regarding his car to specialized forums and registered the VIN there. True, there are not many chances that he did it. But for fun, you can try.

Step 8

Try to punch the car code on the official traffic police website To do this, enter the car code at the top of the page that opens. Now go down below and click on the "request verification" button in the sections you need. The traffic police website can provide the following information. Checking the entire history of vehicle registration. This section contains basic information on the vehicle itself, its color, power and displacement, as well as information on the time of ownership of the vehicle by individuals and legal entities. You can also check here whether the vehicle was involved in an accident by clicking on the "request a check" button in the second window. In addition, you can clarify if the car is on the wanted list, if there are any restrictions on it and if the car is a pledge at the bank.

Step 9

You can try to check the VIN - code absolutely free on the following sites:



These services are absolutely free, which is undoubtedly an additional plus in order to use them to obtain all the necessary information.