How To Set Up An Auto Amplifier

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How To Set Up An Auto Amplifier
How To Set Up An Auto Amplifier

Video: How To Set Up An Auto Amplifier

Video: How To Set Up An Auto Amplifier
Video: How to install a car amplifier | Crutchfield DIY video 2023, December

The installed and connected speaker system must be set up correctly. The essence of the setup is to set the cutoff frequencies for acoustics and a subwoofer on the amplifier, to set the sensitivity of the input and output, and also to set up the sound processor (if any).

How to set up an auto amplifier
How to set up an auto amplifier


Step 1

Before tuning the auto amplifier, set all the settings of the head unit to zero. If your amplifier is designed for general amplification of components, set the subwoofer filter on the amplifier to the low frequency position. Set the value of the crossover cutoff frequency in the range of 50-70 Hz. Set the front channel filter on the amplifier to the high frequency position. Set the cutoff frequency of the crossover in the range of 70-90 Hz.

Step 2

If the amplifier is designed to amplify the front speakers per channel, adjust the tweeters separately. To do this, set the high-pass filter to the appropriate position (for high frequencies) and set the crossover cutoff frequency around 2500 Hz.

Step 3

Adjust the sensitivity of the amplifier. To do this, reset the amplifier sensitivity to zero, set the head unit to the maximum playback volume mode. Then start increasing the gain of the amplifier. When sound distortion appears, stop turning the knob and turn down the sensitivity a little.

Step 4

Check the sound quality. If, when you turn on the audio system, you hear clicks in the subwoofer, and crackling in the speakers, then there is interference with the signal. Check the routing of all music system wires and route them elsewhere if necessary.

Step 5

Bass should not be tied to a subwoofer. In other words, there should be no feeling that they are coming from the rear of the cabin. To remove this effect, connect the subwoofer in antiphase to the amplifier. To do this, turn the phase control on the subwoofer 180 degrees. If there is no such regulator, swap the positive and negative wires of the subwoofer connection.

Step 6

Configure the sound processor, if one is built into the head unit or is made separately. To do this, adjust the time delays for each of the amplifier channels. Set the time delay for the left channel so that the sound from the left speakers reaches the driver at the same time as the sound from the right speakers. When properly tuned, it should feel like the sound is coming from the center of the passenger compartment.

Step 7

In addition, the sound processor can eliminate the bass binding to the rear of the passenger compartment (see paragraph 5). To do this, in contrast to the recommendations in paragraph 6, set the same delays to the left and right channels of the front acoustics. Bass localization in the subwoofer area will be eliminated.