What Documents Are Needed For Registration Of OSAGO

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What Documents Are Needed For Registration Of OSAGO
What Documents Are Needed For Registration Of OSAGO

Video: What Documents Are Needed For Registration Of OSAGO

Video: What Documents Are Needed For Registration Of OSAGO
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OSAGO is a compulsory motor third party liability insurance for vehicle owners. For driving a car without an OSAGO policy, the legislation establishes a fine. The punishment is provided not only for the absence of this document, but also if there are errors in it, for example, if the driver is not included in the insurance.

OSAGO policy
OSAGO policy

Registration of OSAGO by individuals

To apply for an OSAGO policy, you must have a passport with you. If you are insuring a car for the first time or have changed the insurance company, the employee has the right to make a photocopy of the passport for further storage in the archive.

The OSAGO policy is filled out on the basis of the documents presented for the car - PTS or a vehicle registration certificate, in which there must be marks of registration. If there is no such mark, then you can insure the car by issuing a transit MTPL.

Since 2013, a mandatory document for OSAGO is a vehicle technical inspection coupon. It must not only be valid, but also be valid for at least six months after the date planned for issuing an OSAGO policy.

The employee of the insurance company must also provide a driver's license for all drivers who will be entered in the insurance and allowed to drive a vehicle. The experience and age of drivers directly affects the cost of the insurance policy. Optionally, you can issue OSAGO with an unlimited number of drivers. In this case, a special note is made in the corresponding column of the policy.

Since 2014, many insurance companies have refused to conclude OSAGO policies. This is due primarily to the unprofitability of this type of insurance. If the insurer refuses to issue you a policy, ask about the reasons for the refusal and ask them to state them in writing.

Additional documents for OSAGO

In addition to the mandatory documents, when concluding an OSAGO policy, you can provide additional ones. For example, if you have a policy from another insurance company, then the employee can take into account the coefficient specified in it to calculate the new cost. The provision of a certificate may affect the calculation of the premium of the insurance policy. In the presence of paid losses, the price rises, and in the absence of them, it decreases.

Some insurers additionally request a break-even driving certificate from a previous insurance company. This is optional. An employee can independently request this information without your participation.

If the car does not belong to you, then you need to present a power of attorney to the employee of the insurance company in order to register the MTPL. Please note that in the text of the document there must be a note that the owner trusts you not only to drive the vehicle, but also to conclude the relevant insurance contracts. In the General Power of Attorney, all these points are prescribed without fail.

List of documents for legal entities

If you insure a car on behalf of a legal entity, then in addition to a technical inspection coupon, PTS or a registration certificate, you need to present to the employee of the insurance company the TIN of the organization and a power of attorney in your name, which will confirm your right to represent the interests of the company. All documents must be certified by the seals and signatures of the persons who issued them.