How To Return A Car To The Salon

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How To Return A Car To The Salon
How To Return A Car To The Salon

Video: How To Return A Car To The Salon

Video: How To Return A Car To The Salon
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The purchase of a car of inadequate quality can be explained by the seller's dishonesty, the buyer's carelessness and the difficulty of buying such a technically complex thing as a car. The only way out for those who find themselves in such a situation is to return the car to the salon. At the same time, it is desirable to avoid wasting time and money on this problem.

How to return a car to the salon
How to return a car to the salon


Step 1

Return a defective car or exchange for a similar serviceable one by setting out your claims to the car dealership in writing. In other words, write a complaint. The seller is obliged to provide a statement about the time frame in which he undertakes to eliminate the claims. If the salon refuses to provide such services, ask for a written refusal document.

Step 2

When communicating with representatives of the car dealership, show your knowledge of legal issues, confidence in your righteousness and the desire to go to the end without any compromises. In this case, car dealerships, which are reluctant to satisfy the legal requirements of buyers, often try not to bring the case to court.

Step 3

Please note that it is easiest to return the vehicle within the first 15 days after handover. At the same time, legally, the date of sale and the date of transfer of the goods are very different. After 15 days, the return procedure becomes much more complicated. Have patience and plenty of free time. Demand an examination of the goods at the expense of the salon.

Step 4

If the examination shows the seller's innocence in the problem, do not agree with it. Go to court. Use the services of competent lawyers throughout the entire trial. This will help to achieve the desired court decision as soon as possible. In the statement of claim, demand not only compensation for the value of the car, but also compensation for the damage incurred and payment of legal costs.

Step 5

When returning a borrowed car to a car dealership, ask for a document confirming the termination of the purchase and sale agreement. In this case, the car dealership is obliged to independently return the funds to the bank or credit institution. If the buyer paid part of the cost of the car from his own pocket, and took a part on credit, the car dealership must return the buyer's contribution to the buyer, and the loan amount to the bank.

Step 6

Contact the bank to receive cash. Be sure to ask the bank for an agreement to terminate the loan agreement indicating the phrase that the bank has no financial claims to the consumer. According to the law on the protection of consumer rights, the bank is obliged to return the money in the amount of the loan repaid by the day of repayment and to reimburse the fee for the loan. But the bank is not obliged to return the interest paid on the loan.

Step 7

Forget about refunds of paid interest. Even the judicial system most often does not recognize the interest on the loan as a loss caused to the buyer as a result of the sale of low-quality goods. Until the moment of termination of the agreement with the bank, continue to pay your monthly payments on a regular basis. Only the termination of the loan agreement allows you to legally stop paying for the faulty car.