How To Return A New Car

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How To Return A New Car
How To Return A New Car

Video: How To Return A New Car

Video: How To Return A New Car
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According to the law on consumer protection, the buyer has the right to return a new car to the seller if its quality turned out to be inadequate, the equipment is incomplete, as well as in case of other violations of the law and the terms of the sales contract.

How to return a new car
How to return a new car


Step 1

First of all, go back to the seller and explain reasonably the reasons why you want to return the car. Be sure to write a written statement and keep a copy of it. The seller is obliged to provide you with a written response within 10 days. With an indication of their conditions for resolving the conflict or with an indication of the reasons for refusal.

Step 2

When communicating with sellers, express confidence in your words, knowledge of legislation in the field of consumer protection. Don't offer compromises - let the salesperson look for them. Define the main requirement for yourself and achieve its fulfillment. When dealing with active customers, sellers are more willing to satisfy your requirements than to deal with the court.

Step 3

Practice shows that it is easiest to return a poor-quality car within 15 days from the date of its sale. Please note that when ordering a certain configuration, the buyer has to wait for the order to be completed and the actual date of receipt of the machine may differ from the date of sale.

Step 4

If the seller accuses you of violating the operating conditions that led to the failure of the car, ask for an independent examination. It should be carried out at his expense. Please note that the results of the examination can be appealed through the court.

Step 5

If no measures of pre-trial influence on the unscrupulous seller have had an effect, file a claim against him. To improve your chances of winning a case, hire a competent lawyer. Counting on victory, demand not only the return of the car's value, but also all legal costs and damages. Don't ask too much - the courts don't like the greedy. Estimate the amount of damage and all expenses no more than 50% of the price of the car.

Step 6

If the car is borrowed from the bank, contact the nearest branch with a request to terminate the loan agreement. As a rule, sellers in this case fully return the cost of the car to the credit institution. In the bank, after termination of the loan agreement, receive the money owed to you, except for the interest already paid. It is important to require a written notification from the bank that it has no claims against you.