How To Buy A Car In Belarus

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How To Buy A Car In Belarus
How To Buy A Car In Belarus

Video: How To Buy A Car In Belarus

Video: How To Buy A Car In Belarus
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If initially the car was brought to Belarus in good condition, it will be worn out there to a lesser extent than in Russia. This is due to the presence of good roads and the absence of traffic jams in the republic. In addition, customs duties in respect of "walk-through" cars in Belarus are less than in our country.

How to buy a car in Belarus
How to buy a car in Belarus

It is necessary

  • - the Internet
  • - passport
  • - driver's license


Step 1

Choose the most suitable option for you on the popular Belarusian sites with advertisements for the sale of cars:,,,,,,,, or

Step 2

See the prices for the car you are interested in, pay attention to the year of manufacture, write out the contact details of the sellers of the cars you are interested in. For comparison with the prices for this vehicle in Russia, visit the resource

Step 3

When you submit documents to the Russian customs service, you will need a Euro-4 certificate, attesting to the compliance of the purchased vehicle with an environmental standard. To find out whether the selected car meets this condition, follow the link AutoCertificates, enter the car brand, VIN code or certificate of conformity number in the “Search in the database” field. So that you don't have to face the impossibility of getting Euro-4, buy a car from 2005-2006.

Step 4

Contact the car seller by phone. If in the ad the phone number of the Republic of Belarus is given in the international standard, i.e. through the "+" symbol, then when calling from a mobile phone from Russia, dial it exactly in this form. When making a call from a landline phone, instead of the "+" symbol, dial "8", after the dial tone - "10" and then the rest of the numbers. Find out in a conversation whether the car was still sold, when it was cleared by customs, whether it was in an accident, at what specific price the person is ready to sell the car.

Step 5

Having agreed on a meeting with the seller and going to Belarus, it is better to take euros or US dollars with you, it is for this money that most cars are sold. To stay in Belarus and make a purchase, you will need a Russian passport and your driver's license.

Step 6

In addition to inspecting the car and checking the functionality of all its components, check also the presence and good legibility of the license plate characteristics (engine number, VIN on the door pillar, under glass, etc.). Make sure that the car is "checkpoint" by checking the date of customs clearance on the website of the customs of Belarus

Step 7

Be vigilant when determining the release date of the vehicle. It often happens that, according to the registration certificate, the car has a more recent year of manufacture than it actually is. You can check the actual release date of the car you are planning to purchase on the website

Step 8

Execute a sale and purchase transaction in the traffic police, or a certificate-account - in a thrift store. The first option is free, but you have to pay for the registration of a certificate-invoice. Nevertheless, it is the certificate-invoice that is required to be presented in a number of Russian customs. Therefore, if it is fundamental for you to save on the registration of the sale transaction, call the customs office where you plan to receive the PTS in advance and specify whether they accept the purchase and sale agreement.

Step 9

When the seller removes the car from the register, the traffic police will make the appropriate marks in the vehicle registration certificate.