How To Get On The Goat

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How To Get On The Goat
How To Get On The Goat

Video: How To Get On The Goat

Video: How To Get On The Goat
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The goatting technique, that is, riding on the rear wheel, is very popular among bikers. You can also learn to stand on the goat if you can overcome your inner fear and train often. The main thing in this matter is not to rush, gradually move from one stage of training to another, only when you are fully convinced of your readiness.

How to get on the goat
How to get on the goat

It is necessary

  • - protection: helmet, gloves, boots, jacket, back protection;
  • - a powerful enough serviceable motorcycle.


Step 1

It is difficult to learn the "goat" technique without falling, so always wear protection. The best option is a helmet, gloves, a thick leather jacket, boots, and back protection.

Step 2

Make sure your bike is in good shape, has easy throttle grip and excellent clutch performance. The condition of the rear brake is very important. Adjust it so that it clings to the asphalt as tenaciously as possible, and the brake lever moves freely. To do this, you can pull up the cable near the rear wheel.

Step 3

Find a good spacious playground with quality asphalt, away from playgrounds, pedestrian and highways, police stations. On the other hand, it is good if a hospital is located nearby.

Step 4

If you are going to ride the rear wheel of a small, lightweight motorcycle with a powerful engine, try to do without the clutch, just open and close the throttle sharply while driving. The front wheel rises into the air, and then you go on the back.

Step 5

On a not too powerful bike, proceed as follows: feel the rear brake with your foot and accelerate to 30-40 km / h with a quarter of the gas. Accelerate gently while loading the rear wheel. Then very quickly: squeeze the clutch, step on the gas, release the clutch.

Step 6

Do not squeeze the clutch all the way, just give it a chance to spin the engine more, adding gas will give even more thrust. Try to release the clutch quickly and smoothly at the same time. Never throw it abruptly, or the front will jump up.

Step 7

If something does not go according to plan, feel the rear brake and apply pressure to it, the front end should go down. As a last resort, if the bike starts to fall, try to jump to the side so that it lands not on you.

Step 8

Prepare right away that the first time you will be able to only jerk the front wheel up. Practice over and over again, adding a little throttle each time and releasing the clutch a little faster.

Step 9

When you learn to lift the front wheel, try to find a balance point. Sooner or later, you will be stable in first gear. When this moment comes, you can switch to other gears. To do this, throw the throttle sharply with your right hand, and with the toe of your left foot at this time press the gearshift lever without touching the clutch.