How To Set The Ignition On A KAMAZ

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How To Set The Ignition On A KAMAZ
How To Set The Ignition On A KAMAZ

Video: How To Set The Ignition On A KAMAZ

Video: How To Set The Ignition On A KAMAZ
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A diesel engine, in which the fuel mixture is ignited exclusively due to compression and an increase in pressure in the working cylinder, is very sensitive to the moment of injection, which is commonly called "ignition". The simplicity of design, reliability and durability of such engines have won deserved respect in the professional environment of motorists.

How to set the ignition on a KAMAZ
How to set the ignition on a KAMAZ

It is necessary

  • - KAMAZ car,
  • - high pressure fuel pump,
  • - metal rod with a diameter of 10 mm, a length of 30-40 cm,
  • - 17 mm spanner.


Step 1

Despite the simplicity of the design of the diesel engine, the components of its fuel equipment are high-precision devices, and during the installation of the V-type injection pump on the engine, it requires an impeccable determination of the angle of the injection moment of the diesel fuel injector into the working cylinder at the compression stroke. An error at the cost of one degree can provoke the failure of the power unit and entail its overhaul.

Step 2

The technology of mounting a high-pressure fuel pump with simultaneous setting of the injection torque angle consists in the following sequence of actions:

- raise the cab and latch the catch on the support leg, - on the left side of the engine, from above, in the rear of it, find a mechanical device on the flywheel housing housing, the stem of which must be raised and rotated 90 degrees, and then lower it into the slot in its housing;

- from the bottom of the machine, on the flywheel casing, with a 17 mm wrench, unscrew the two bolts and remove the mudguard;

- insert a metal rod through the slot in the casing into the flywheel hole and turn the engine crankshaft from left to right until the retainer rod from above blocks its further movement;

- check the position of the fuel pump drive shaft located in the camber of the engine block (top);

- in the event that the drive clutch of the high-pressure pump is turned with the setting scale up, then align the zero mark of the drive with the line on the fuel pump flange and tighten the two mounting bolts;

- otherwise, the stopper rises, and the engine crankshaft turns one revolution, and then the above actions are performed again.

Step 3

After tightening the drive coupling bolts on the injection pump flange, the flywheel stopper rises up, rotates 90 degrees and falls into the groove. A dust shield is installed on the bottom of the flywheel housing. Then the truck cab is lowered and the catches are raised to the upper position.