How To Get Transit Numbers

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How To Get Transit Numbers
How To Get Transit Numbers

Video: How To Get Transit Numbers

Video: How To Get Transit Numbers
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When purchasing a car, the buyer has the right to receive transit numbers, which must be exchanged for permanent registration plates within a specified time frame. The law provides that when buying a car, you must register it within 5 days. If you receive transit numbers, you can register the car within 20 days. Since 2010, the fine for late registration has increased from 300 to 800 rubles.

How to get transit numbers
How to get transit numbers

It is necessary

Passport, title to the car, sales contract or certificate of account


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According to order No. 1001 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, in cases where an unregistered vehicle is located outside the territory covered by the registration department's activities for its registration, the owner or owner of the vehicle is obliged to obtain "transit" registration marks from the registration department at the location of the vehicle within 5 days for driving the vehicle to the place of registration. When issuing registration plates "transit" in the document certifying the ownership of the vehicle, and in the passport of the vehicle, a mark is made "transit" indicating the series, number, date of issue and validity period of the marks, which is certified by the signature of the official who issued these signs, and stamp.

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The main document for obtaining transit numbers in the traffic police is an invoice certificate, which can be obtained at the place of purchase of the car. The traffic police issue transit numbers using a metal, plastic or paper base. The cost of obtaining metal or plastic numbers is 1000 rubles, paper - 100 rubles. Experience shows that it can take a whole day to independently obtain transit license plates from the traffic police. The owner has the right to contact any traffic police department he likes.

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When purchasing a car in a car dealership, in a car market or in a thrift store that has the appropriate registration, transit numbers can be issued directly at the place of purchase. There may be a separate fee for this procedure.

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When purchasing a car from a private person, it is imperative to draw up a sales contract with a notarial certificate. Upon receipt of transit numbers, it will be the main document certifying the legality of the purchase of a car.

Step 5

If the validity period of transit numbers is close to expiration, and the car has not reached the place of the proposed permanent registration, it is necessary to exchange transit number plates for new ones. The exchange procedure is similar to the procedure for receiving them.