How To Buy A Car In Bulgaria

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How To Buy A Car In Bulgaria
How To Buy A Car In Bulgaria

Video: How To Buy A Car In Bulgaria

Video: How To Buy A Car In Bulgaria
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In the last 2-3 years, when the Bulgarians got the opportunity to travel to Europe without a visa, the car market in this country has been developing at a rapid pace. The opportunity to buy a good European car at a reasonable price is attracting more and more tourists and dealers to the Bulgarian car markets and to the car houses "auto kashch".

How to buy a car in Bulgaria
How to buy a car in Bulgaria


Step 1

Arriving in Bulgaria, tune in to a long search. The number of small and large firms selling used cars is enormous. If you want to buy a specific car for a specific amount, spend as much time as possible driving around car houses and markets. If you want to save time, go to the largest Bulgarian car market "Gorublyane" in Sofia. Please note that every car broker in Bulgaria is an importer. Therefore, he knows all the nuances and can help with paperwork and transportation. Be sure to bargain: 10% discount when bargaining is often already taken into account by the seller.

Step 2

The quality of cars imported to Bulgaria is checked by CAT (an analogue of the traffic police) for compliance with the minimum technical requirements. If a car is 10 years old or more, it undergoes safety testing. Therefore, the risk of acquiring a killer car is reduced. General rule: the car is sold with 4 spare tires (winter tires in summer and vice versa). If you don't understand cars, take a friend who understands cars and their engines with you. When choosing an old car from Germany, Austria or Switzerland, pay attention to corrosion and body condition. Cars from Italy are rarely rusty or rotten, but almost all have high mileage.

Step 3

Do not trust the mileage quoted by the traders. It can be easily reeled up. Determine the real mileage based on the technical condition of the car, although it is difficult. Do not take cars cheaper than 2500-3000 leva (1200-1500 USD). They almost always have hidden defects, which are difficult to identify on site. Please note that additives are often added to the engine to improve engine performance. After changing the fuel and oil, many defects are revealed. When buying, see the data sheet: in Europe, all work carried out in the service is carefully noted. With the help of this information, more accurately determine the quality of the purchase, the real mileage and technical condition.

Step 4

To calculate the real model year of the car, look at the coded lettering on the rear window and tags on the seat belts. Be sure to check the tire tread. If there are old tires, ask for a discount on the cost of the new tires. Pay attention to the presence of a sticker about a mandatory technical check in the Bulgarian CAT. This gives some guarantee of the quality of the car. At the time of registration or immediately after it, take out Civil Exclusion Insurance. It is compulsory on the territory of Bulgaria. To travel around Europe, purchase the Green Card.

Step 5

Set aside $ 300 in advance for the registration of the purchased car. When buying a car in homes, this amount can be higher than in the markets. As a rule, this is due to the quality of the goods, pre-sale preparation and preliminary minor repairs carried out in the motorhome. By purchasing a car sold with unregistered customs duties, you will seriously save on buying and exporting such a car. As a rule, this car is registered for a disabled person, who may not know anything about it.

Step 6

To obtain temporary numbers in the CAT, prepare the following documents: a notarized purchase agreement with two photocopies, a receipt for payment of road tax, insurance "Civil excuse", a coupon for a car with three copies. After filling out the KAT-1 application, paying the environmental and other taxes and passing the technical inspection, you will receive blue numbers with the designation XX (analogue of transit ones). Please note that all this will take at least 2 days. There are no faster options.