How To Fill In The Waybills

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How To Fill In The Waybills
How To Fill In The Waybills

Video: How To Fill In The Waybills

Video: How To Fill In The Waybills
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The activity of any modern company is unthinkable without the work of road transport. Technical vehicles can be their own, on the balance sheet of the enterprise, leased or attracted from outside under a transport service agreement. But with any form of ownership, freight transport on the line is issued only with a fully completed waybill.

How to fill in the waybills
How to fill in the waybills

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Form of waybill of a truck


Step 1

For accounting, as well as for assessing the efficiency of operation of each unit of road transport, waybills are used. The correctness of filling in the waybills of trucks is of key economic importance for the enterprise.

Step 2

When transporting goods that provide for piecework, as well as time-based payment for the work performed, waybills of the form N 4-s and N 4-p are used, in which it is necessary to fill in all the fields and lines.

Step 3

The waybill form is filled out exclusively by the dispatching service of the car company. Among the information entered by the freight transport dispatcher in the waybill, the registration data of the car and trailer must be indicated, if such is required to complete the assignment.

Step 4

The task for the driver is also indicated: the distance and time for the car to be loaded to the customer, the distance of transportation of goods, the number of rides with cargo and the number of transported tons, according to the task. Based on the data in the assignment, the dispatcher calculates the amount of fuel required to complete the assignment, and indicates the result of the calculations in the "Issue fuel" column, after which he puts his signature.

Step 5

After the driver receives the waybill from the dispatcher, he undergoes a medical examination for admission to work. About what the physician makes a note in the appropriate section of the waybill and then puts a personal signature.

Step 6

Before leaving the line, the car is checked by the issuing mechanic of the car company, who also makes a note in the appropriate section about the serviceability of the car and puts his signature.

Step 7

Further, in the process of work, marks in the waybill are made by an already authorized person - a representative of the customer, who marks the arrival and departure of the car. It also indicates the actual volume of cargo shipments performed. In this case, the following are filled in: a tear-off coupon and the corresponding sections on the back of the waybill, consignment notes signed by the driver, as a representative of the car company, and also by the customer's representative, whose signature is certified by a seal or stamp, are attached.