How To Switch The Box

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How To Switch The Box
How To Switch The Box

Video: How To Switch The Box

Video: How To Switch The Box
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Correct gear shifting in a car is the key to successful driving. The "mechanics" seem complicated only at first glance. With practice, you will start shifting gears without thinking at all.

How to switch the box
How to switch the box


Step 1

Manual gearboxManual gearboxes have 4 to 6 shifting steps + reverse gear.

The first gear (speed) is included at the start of movement. To do this, squeeze the clutch and turn the shift knob to the left and up.

Step 2

The second gear turns on when accelerating to 30-40 km / h. To engage it, squeeze the clutch and shift the gear from first down to the left.

Step 3

The third gear is engaged at a speed of 40-50 km / h. Squeeze the clutch, first shift the gear lever from second speed to neutral, and then immediately to the right and up.

Step 4

The fourth gear is included at a speed of 60-80 km / h. On some cars, it is allowed to turn on up to 100 km / h. From third gear with the clutch disengaged, move the gear shift knob down to the right.

Step 5

The fifth gear is included at a speed of 100 km / h. From the position of the fourth gear with the clutch depressed, move the lever upwards more to the right than the third gear. If after that the car has an uncharacteristic sound, humming, it means that you have confused the fifth gear with the third. Place the stick in neutral and engage the gear again.

Step 6

Reverse gear in most cars is engaged when the lever is shifted from neutral with a slight downward pressure, strongly to the right and downward. On some VAZ models, reverse gear is turned on by slightly pressing down, to the left, up.

Step 7

The automatic transmission is convenient in that you do not need to squeeze the clutch and switch gears on your own - the car does everything by itself. When starting to move, you just need to move the handle to the D (drive) position, release the brake and the machine will roll by itself. Only the brake pedal is used for braking. If you need to stop, then you need to move the handle to the P (parking) position. To engage the reverse speed, the R position is engaged.

Step 8

Robotic transmission.

A relatively recently appeared box-robot, combines both a mechanical box and an automatic machine. The switching system itself looks like an automatic one. There are special buttons on the steering wheel that allow you to move the machine to the mechanic position.