How To Close The Radiator In Priora

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How To Close The Radiator In Priora
How To Close The Radiator In Priora

Video: How To Close The Radiator In Priora

Video: How To Close The Radiator In Priora
Video: Замена радиатора на приоре. 2023, December

In winter, the engine cools down very quickly due to negative air temperatures. Therefore, some parts of the cooling system should be insulated. First of all, you should close the radiator, since the oncoming air flow cools it down a lot. But it should be done in such a way that such a small intervention does not negatively affect the operation and performance of the vehicle.

How to close the radiator in Priora
How to close the radiator in Priora

It is necessary

  • - screwdrivers;
  • - spanners;
  • - car blanket;
  • - vibroplast sheets.


Step 1

Read the manual for your Priora. In the latest trim levels, along with the car, special spacers began to be supplied to protect the radiator from the oncoming flows of cold air. To install them, you need to remove the bumper. Never try to cover the radiator with rags or cardboard. They not only spoil the appearance of the car, but also pose a direct threat. Wet cardboard has a destructive effect on the paintwork of the car. Dry rags can catch fire from a heated radiator.

Step 2

Carefully remove the bumper from the car to gain direct access to the radiator. Examine the radiator cells. If they are clogged, clean them thoroughly. Blocked dirt interferes with the proper functioning of the cooling system. Do not lean any material against the radiator! Otherwise, there will be no air circulation. The radiator will stop receiving air flow and overheat.

Step 3

Remove the radiator grill from the bumper. Stick any heat-insulating material on the back. For this purpose, a special heat-resistant film on an adhesive basis will fit. It is available in various colors, so you can easily match it to the color of the car body. This will make it almost invisible from the outside.

Step 4

Attach a heat-resistant plate to the inside of the bumper. You can also use a piece of auto blanket. It is necessary to carefully close all large cracks through which air actively enters during movement. Please note that there must be at least 3 centimeters of free space between the radiator itself and the cover material.

Step 5

Insulate the hood. Metal takes up a lot of heat and is a good heat conductor. Therefore, the engine compartment loses heat in a matter of minutes, cooling the entire system. For insulation, glue pieces of vibroplast on the inside of the body.