How To Find An Alarm

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How To Find An Alarm
How To Find An Alarm

Video: How To Find An Alarm

Video: How To Find An Alarm
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Sometimes car owners have to turn off the alarm on their own due to its malfunction or for dismantling. At first glance, this is not easy, because it is a high-quality hidden installation that guarantees the safety of your car. These tips will help you find and disable your alarm and immobilizer without having to disassemble half of your car.

How to find an alarm
How to find an alarm


  • - tester or dial tone;
  • - universal screwdriver;
  • - side cutters;
  • - electrical tape.


Step 1

If you just need to turn off the alarm by switching it to the operation of the central lock, use the valet button. The button installation location must be shown to you in the installation center when installing the security system. The emergency shutdown alarm button looks like a toggle switch or a small colored button. It can be located under a torpedo on the driver's side, under the seat on the side of the rack, under the hand brake. This place should be hidden from prying eyes and at the same time accessible to the owner.

Step 2

In order to completely disable the alarm or dismantle it, find its block. Usually it is hidden under a torpedo, but in what place, it is impossible to visually determine. In order not to completely remove the dashboard, start the search for the block with the wires going to it. The most noticeable is the wire from the LED, which is located near the windshield. The wire from the LED goes directly to the alarm unit.

Step 3

Look for wires on the ignition coil that have been bitten and have other wires connected to them. Most likely, the extended wires go exactly to the block. If, after finding the block, you simply pull out all the wires from it, it may happen that the car will not start if the locks were made (ignition, starter, etc.). If a normally open blocking was made, then the alarm will perform its security functions even without the block. This reduces the risk of quick hijacking. In this case, you need to find open circuits (on the ignition coil, for example) and restore them.

Step 4

Disabling the immobilizer can be complicated by the fact that some systems do not have a separate unit, but are programmed into the standard system of the car. Sometimes such an immobilizer does not allow connecting an additional alarm. In this case, use a special immobilizer crawler. The additionally installed immobilizer can be located in different places. For example, on the Black Bug, the antenna and block can be sewn into the driver's seat.